SHL 5 Litre (5000ml) High Quality pure Methyl IsoButyl Ketone MIBK


SHL 5 Litre (5000ml) High Quality pure Methyl IsoButyl Ketone MIBK

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     SHL 5 Litre (5000ml) High Quality pure Methyl IsoButyl Ketone MIBK Description What is METHYL ISOBUTYL KETONE? Methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) is a colorless liquid with an odor similar to mothballs. MIBK is also known as 4-methyl-2-pentanone hexone and isopropylacetone. While it is usually in liquid form MIBK can change into a gas. MIBK will dissolve in water alcohols benzenes and ethers. Where is MIBK found and how is it used? MIBK occurs naturally in oranges grapes and vinegar. MIBK is used as a solvent in factories that produce paints rubber products chemicals and machinery. As a solvent it is used in pesticide application. Pharmaceutical companies that produce prescription drugs also use MIBK. MIBK strengthens and preserves flavors and fragrances. Consumer products containing MIBK include aerosol paints coatings used in construction and automobile and machinery paints and primers. MIBK is used in home products like hard surface cleaners dyes and tints laundry starches paints and varnish products. MIBK is also used in insecticides that control garden insects greases and oil used as lubricants automotive chemicals pet flea and tick products shoe polish wood office furniture and clear finishes undercoats and primers.  

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MIBK 5000ml


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