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SHL 250ml High Quality 94% Methylated Spirits (Denatured Alcohol)


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Methylated spirits, also known as  denatured alcohol, offers all the versatile benefits of traditional methylated spirits with the added advantage of easy identification and safety.

Key Features:

  1. Distinctive Purple Hue: Methylated spirits stands out with its vibrant purple colour, providing instant recognition and differentiation from other cleaning agents and fuels. This distinctive hue enhances safety protocols, minimizing the risk of accidental ingestion or misuse.
  2. Powerful Cleaning Agent: Methylated spirits excels as a potent cleaning agent, effortlessly tackling grease, grime, and dirt from various surfaces. Its solvent properties ensure thorough cleaning and sanitization, leaving surfaces spotless and hygienic.
  3. Enhanced Safety: The distinctive purple color of this variant serves as a visual indicator of its denatured nature, containing additives to deter consumption and misuse. This added safety feature is particularly beneficial in households, workshops, and industrial environments where safety is paramount.
  4. Versatile Applications: Methylated spirits finds application in a wide range of cleaning, degreasing, and fuelling tasks. From household cleaning to automotive maintenance and outdoor activities, it offers versatility and convenience in various settings.
  5. Clean-Burning Fuel: In addition to its cleaning prowess, methylated spirits serves as a reliable and efficient fuel for alcohol burners, camping stoves, and portable heaters. Its clean-burning nature and consistent performance make it a preferred choice for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency preparedness.


  • Household Cleaning: Methylated spirits effectively cleans and sanitises kitchen surfaces, appliances, bathroom fixtures, and household items. Its powerful solvent properties remove tough stains and residues, leaving surfaces sparkling clean and germ-free.
  • Automotive Maintenance: In automotive workshops and garages, methylated spirits is used for degreasing engine parts, cleaning tools, and removing adhesive residues. Its versatility and effectiveness streamline maintenance tasks, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of vehicle components.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Purple methylated spirits serves as a reliable fuel for alcohol burners, camp stoves, and portable heaters during camping trips, hiking expeditions, and outdoor adventures.
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      SHL 250ml High Quality 94% Methylated Spirits (Denatured Alcohol)

      Availability: 93 in stock

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