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SHL 25 litre (25000ml) De-Ionised Water


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Our deionised water is created through an extensive purification process known as deionisation. This process involves passing water through ion exchange resins or membranes, effectively removing charged ions, minerals, and impurities. Deionisation typically consists of two main stages:

  1. Cation Exchange: In this stage, cation exchange resins selectively remove positively charged ions (such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium) from the water, replacing them with hydrogen ions.
  2. Anion Exchange: In the second stage, anion exchange resins remove negatively charged ions (such as chloride, sulfate, and bicarbonate), exchanging them for hydroxide ions.

The result is water that is free from most dissolved solids and ions, achieving a high level of purity.

Weight 25000 g





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      SHL 25 litre (25000ml) De-Ionised Water

      Availability: 2 in stock

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