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Innovatek HDM-L Pro Aluminium HDD Water Cooler


Innovatek HDM-L Pro Aluminium HDD Water Cooler

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 Innovatek HDM-L Pro Aluminium CoolerDescription
The HDM-L Pro hard water has a special two-piece aluminum Entkoppelsystem consisting of an inner frame and an outer frame.The system is completely different from all the systems currently exist on the market and offers significant advantages.
The two frames are acoustically decoupled from each other whereby the Entkoppelwirkung and excellent noise reduction results. The disk is in an aluminum inner frame thereby optimally cooled and decoupled. An additional insulation foam (which is hard “choke” would be) is no longer available. Through this special and novel Entkoppelsystem foam insulation is no longer necessary thereby damaging heat congestion is avoided at the same or better noise reduction.

The HDM coolers are easily stackable and can be stacked in the 5 1 / 4 “shafts mounted. A special feature is also in this assembly – right on top of each other – the cooling capacity and will not be restricted. Therefore the HDM cooler especially in systems with many Hard Drives and ensures ideal for cold hard drives and high reliability in order!

The powerful water cooling of the HDM-L Pro Box also cools fastest high-speed hard drives easily and thus provides sufficient reserves.The HDM cooler is easy anywhere in the water cooling system. The large cooling surfaces ensure maximum cooling efficiency and lowest temperatures.

The application and the assembly of the HDM-L Pro Box is absolutely simple and straightforward. To install the hard drive have only two covers removed and the plate in the cooler HDM inserted. The HDM Box not only has to be completely dismantled.
The box itself can be like a normal CD-ROM drive in the PC chassis mounted. It is compatible with all quick-lock systems which find use in enclosures.  
A special feature is the HDM box in two positions in the cabinet are attached:

HDM front panel is flush with the front bezel. Thus the HDM box from the front (outside) are visible.
Behind: The HDM box is backwards (into the case) so that the original housing aperture (of the 5 1 / 4 “shaft) can still be used. The HDM is therefore invisible in housing construction.


Approved for all disks (including 15.000 RPM disks)
Suitable for IDE and SATA hard drives
Approved for SCSI Hard Drives
High-performance aluminum
two Entkoppelsystem (aluminum inner and outer frame)
No foam insulation is necessary therefore no additional heat load (heat Jam) of hard disk
Optimum efficiency noise reduction and cooling
Absolutely simple and quick to apply and to assemble (like CD-Rom)
Fits any 5 1 / 4 “shaft and is compatible with any quick assembly system
Upgradeable (eg with temperature module)
Made in Germany


HDM box in black or alufarben
Screws to fasten the hard drive in the HDM Box
Screws to fasten the box in the HDM PC Cases
Connections for 8×1 tubing (8mm inner / outer diameter 10mm)
Detailed assembly instructions German
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Weight 100 g

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