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Innovatek T-Splitter connector 1/4 inch for 8x1 tubing
0 In Stock
The innovatek T-Splitter fitting, allows you to connect 2 8x1 hoses to your radiator. 

Screw to t-Splitter G1/4" threaded with soft seal for 8x1 and rotatable hoses.

Technical Data
  • For 1/4" fittings
  • Material: brass nickel plated
For installation just hand tighten.
£4.09 (£3.41 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
Gigabyte GM-M7700 Black Wireless Optical Mouse USB Bluetooth
Gigabyte GM-M7700 Black Wireless Optical Mouse USB Bluetooth
£16.08 (£13.40 ex VAT)
IEEE 1284 parallel printer cable 5.0m
In Stock
These cables have all 25 lines connected and are for use with IEEE 1284 compliant printers using the standard 36 way Centronics connector
£7.95 (£6.63 ex VAT)
UTP category 5e patch 10.0m BLACK
In Stock

UTP category 5e patch 10.0m BLACK

£5.29 (£4.41 ex VAT)
ZalmanZM-NC3000S Ultimate 17 inch Notebook Cooler with 220mm fan
0 In Stock

With computing power ever on the increase, heat issues can affect laptop computers just as much as conventional desktop machines. Because such high-power components are squeezed inside such a small case, it is inevitable that the heat has to escape somewhere, and invariably manufacturers resort to small, high speed fans to keep their components cool.

Even then, safe cooling is not always assured - especially if the machine is used on soft surfaces such as carpets, duvets or trouser-legs! Anyone who has ever used a laptop literally "on their lap", will know just how hot these computers can get. Even the big boys can get their designs wrong. In 2006, Apple and Dell recalled nearly six million laptop batteries because of potential overheating and fire risk, at an estimated cost of over 100 million!

As the world-respected leaders in desktop cooling solutions, Zalman have now designed cooling products specifically for laptop users: the ZM-NC3000S ultra-quiet notebook cooler. We think every laptop user should have one! They give peace of mind that your laptop will not overheat and crash (or melt!). They improve long-term reliability because the laptop is running cooler. In most cases, they cut down on the noise from your laptop fans, because the fans don't need to run as fast to maintain a safe temperature. Last but not least, they raise the rear of your laptop, making it much easier to type on its keyboard without worrying about wrist-strain.

The ZM-NC3000S comes with a large 220mm fan which give excellent airflow to the base of your laptop, with minimum noise. The speed of the fans can be adjusted according to how hot your machine is running and how quietly you would like the fans to run. The product comes in a stylish black finish and will accommodate the vast majority of laptops on the market with up to 17 inch screen size.

Because the fan is powered by USB, there are no extra power supplies or wires to worry about, other than one cable (included) which connects to a USB port on your PC or Macintosh. You don't lose a USB port because the cooler has not one, but two to replace the one being used on the PC. And because they are lightweight, the Zalman notebook coolers can easily be transported with your notebook so you can use them anywhere - not just in your office!


Dimensions 365(L) x 400(W) x 60(H) mm
Weight 1.2kg
Base Material Aluminium and Plastic
Noise 17 to 23dBA ±10 %
Input Voltage 5V (USB powered)
Fan Size/Type 220mm/Axial Fan
Bearing Type Sleeve Bearing
Fan RPM 620 to 720rpm ±10 %
Accessories USB cable, User manual
Warranty 24 months
£29.39 (£24.49 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
Evercool Python flexible system cooling fan PY-01
90 In Stock
Evercool's PY-01 is a fan mounted on a flexible mount to allow additional cooling to hard to reach or very targeted areas.
• Suitable with all PC cases. 
• Easy installation.
• Flexible Metal mount allows multi-angle use.
• Airflow direction can be adjusted, allowing specific focus.
• Iron mesh construction avoids clutter in the PC case.
DC Fan Size VDC Fan Speed Noise Level
92 x 92 x25 12 2200 ± 15% RPM
< 22~38.1 dBA

£8.16 (£6.80 ex VAT)
UTP category 6 patch 5.0m GREY
In Stock

UTP category 6 patch 5.0m GREY

£6.40 (£5.33 ex VAT)
High quality 3 x phono cable GOLD OFC 1.2m
In Stock
These cables are made using high performance oxygen free digital audio - video cable and high quality gold connectors with metal barrels. They are designed for high performance audio and video transmission.
£7.55 (£6.29 ex VAT)
AeroCool Touch 1000 4-Channel LCD Touch Panel Fan Controller
25 In Stock
AeroCool are well know for producing some of the best fan controllers around and the Touch 1000 helps to confirm this. Like its big brother, the Touch 2000, it offers the ability to control up to four fans via a well thought out LCD touch panel display which shows the RPM and temperature for the selected fan/probe. But unlike the Touch 2000 that requires two 5.25 drive bays the Touch 1000 has all this functionality crammed into just one 5.25 drive bay. Operation Operation of the Touch 1000 is very straightforward. Just press the padlock icon, select which fan you want to control and then press the plus or minus icons to increase or decrease the fan speed!
£28.31 (£23.60 ex VAT)