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ScytheSlip Stream 2000 RPM 120mm Slim Case Fan, SY1212SL12H
114 In Stock
The Slip Stream 120mm Slim case fans are only 12mm thick and as a result they are perfect for living room PCs and PC cases with limited space, where a normal case fan of 25mm thickness cannot be mounted. It is also possible to use this fan as a substitute for a normal 120mm fan which is cooling a CPU or VGA heatsink.

Super Slim, only 12mm thick
Ideal if you want to save space
Supplied with 3-pin to Molex adapter
37.0 dBA / 45.5 CFM / 2000 RPM

Model Number SY1212SL12L
Dimensions 120 x 120 x 12 mm
Specifications 37.0 dBA / 45.5 CFM / DC12 V / 0.25 A
Weight 98g
Connector 3-pin (3-pin to 4pin adaptor included)
Bearing Type Sleeve Bearing
MTBF 30,000 hours
Warranty 24 months
£8.99 (£7.49 ex VAT)
Thermaltake Chaser A31 Midi Gaming Case Toolless USB3 x 2 Side Window White
Thermaltake Chaser A31 Midi Gaming Case Toolless USB3 x 2 Side Window White
£65.52 (£54.60 ex VAT)
AT keyboard male to male 3.0m
In Stock
These cables have all 5 lines connected 1:1 and are used to connect an AT keyboard port to a switch box
£2.21 (£1.84 ex VAT)
UTP category 5e patch 5.0m BLACK
In Stock
UTP category 5e patch 5.0m BLACK
£2.99 (£2.49 ex VAT)
RJ45 strain relief boot GREEN
In Stock
This item is used in the construction of UTP cables to prevent breaks in the cable next to the plug
£0.36 (£0.30 ex VAT)
UTP category 5e patch 0.5m YELLOW
In Stock
UTP category 5e patch 0.5m YELLOW
£0.99 (£0.83 ex VAT)
Evercool 2 x HDD/SSD Hard Drive bracket HDB-25351
70 In Stock
Evercool's HDB-25351 Aliminium bracket can take 2  x 2.5 inch drives or Solid state disks and mount them into a single 3.5 inch bay. The bracket has mounting holes for a 80mm fan to improve airflow around the drives. 
• Super Thin, Super Lightweight aluminum bracket.
• Capable of mounting two SSD/HDD in one 3.5” PC bay.
• Bracket can accomodate an 8cm cooling fan for fast heat dissipation.
Suitable for 3.5 inch HDD bay

£3.90 (£3.25 ex VAT)
Thermaltake NiC F3 Universal Intel/AMD Non-Interference CPU Cooler 160W PWM Fan
Thermaltake NiC F3 Universal Intel/AMD Non-Interference CPU Cooler 160W PWM Fan
£32.76 (£27.30 ex VAT)
GelidTranquillo Rev.2 Quiet CPU Cooler with PWM Fan
177 In Stock
The tower CPU Cooler Tranquillo uses four power heat pipes and a special heat pipe constellation to achieve the best heat transfer from CPU core to the aluminium fins in its class. After precise software simulation and calculation during the development stage a unique heatsink shape was created to lower air flow resistance as much as possible.

The cooler is supplied with a very quiet 120mm fan. It features intelligent Gelid PWM (Pulse Width Module) control which has been chosen to make this heatsink more desirable. The fan blades are optimised to guarantee high airflow while running quietly. The intelligent Gelid PWM curve keeps the fan quiet when the system is idling or under low load but the fan speed will increase when additional cooling is needed. The multi-award winning high performance GC-2 thermal compound is also included in the package - making it a complete package to cool virtually any desktop CPU.


CPU socket compatibility Socket LGA1156, 1366, 775, AM3, AM2+, AM2, 754, 939 and 940
Intel CPU compatibility Core i7, Core i5, Core i3, Core 2 Quad/Duo/Extreme, Dual Core Pentium, Pentium D, Pentium 4, Celeron D
AMD CPU compatibility Phenom II, Phenom, Athlon 64 X2, Athlon 64 FX, Opteron, Sempron
CPU supported cores / clock speeds Single, dual and quad / all speeds
Air Flow (CFM) 58 max
Bearing Hydro Dynamic Bearing
Cable Length (mm) 500
Current (A) 0.18
DC Voltage (V) 12
Fan Dimensions (mm) 120 (l) x 120 (w) x 25 (h)
Fan Speed (RPM) 750 - 1500
Heat Sink Dimensions (mm) 74 (l) x 125 (w) x 153 (h)
Accessories GC-2 Thermal Compound and Installation Kit for AMD and Intel sockets
Noise Level (dBA) 12 - 25.5
Static Pressure (mmAq) 1.6
Weight (g) 645
Warranty 60 months
£23.99 (£19.99 ex VAT)