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Aerocool Strike-X Advance White Mid-Tower Gaming Case USB3 Toolless
0 In Stock

High performance "Mid-Tower" for gamers and enthusiast.
Aggressive "X" concept design case - a gamers dream!
Supports longer high-end VGA cards up to 295 mm.
Supports 9 x 5.25" bays and maximum 6 x 2.5"/3.5" HDDs (internal) with HDD convertor bracket.
Anti-vibration pad included to dampen PSU vibration.
Each HDD bracket can mount a 12cm fan to cool HDD individually.
“Easy-install" screw-less kits for the 5.25" devices.
1 x USB2.0 + 1 x USB3.0 and Audio/Mic ports are easily accessible from the top of case.
CPU hole is pre-drilled on the Motherboard for easy access to cooler installation.
Cable management holes are pre-drilled with high end rubber protection.
Dust filter included to prevent dust entering from the bottom of case.
Supports water-cooling

Form Factor: Midi Tower
Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro ATX
PSU Support: Standard ATX
Gaming Case: Yes
Water Cooling Ready: Yes
Dimensions: 190mm x 465mm x 490mm (W x H x D)
Packaging Dimensions: 258mm x 527mm x 570mm (W x H x D)
Body Material: SECC 0.60mm
Front Bezel Material: ABS Plastic + Mesh
Side Panel: SECC Window / SECC Vented
External Bays: 9 x 5.25” External
6 x 3.5” External
Internal Bays: 6 x 3.5” Internal
6 x 2.5” Internal
Drive Bay Notes: 9 x 5.25" (external) and 6 x 3.5" or 2.5"(internal) with HDD convertor bracket
Expansion Slots: 7 x Full Size
Cooling Front: 2 x 12cm BLUE LED fans (included)
Cooling Top: 1 x 14 fan BLUE LED fan (included)
Cooling Rear: 1 x 12cm BLUE LED fan (included)
Cooling Side: 1 x 12cm fan (optional)
Cooling Bottom: 1 x 14cm fan (optional)(Fan screws must penetrate the dust filter)
IO Ports: 1 x USB 3.0
1 x USB 2.0
1 x HD Audio (Also Supports AC'97)
1 x Microphone
Front Bezel Colour: White
Body Colour: White
System Cabinet Features: (1) Aggressive "X" concept design case- a gamers dream!
(2) Anti-vibration pad included to dampen PSU vibration.
(3) Each HDD bracket can mount a 12cm fan to cool HDD individually.
(4) CPU hole is pre-drilled on the Motherboard for easy access to cooler installation.
(5) Cable management holes are pre-drilled with high end rubber protection.
(6) Dust filter included to prevent dust entering from the bottom of case.
(7) Supports 1 x SSD.
(8) Water Cooling Ready.
PSU Included: No
Net Weight (KGs): 6.35 KGs

Full Details

£60.84 (£50.70 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
UTP category 5e patch 5.0m PINK
In Stock
UTP category 5e patch 5.0m PINK
£2.51 (£2.09 ex VAT)
Evercool Magnetic USB Cooling Fan MUF-12
In Stock
A multi direction 5v USB fan with a magnetic base
 A 12 cm multi-functional fan that can be placed anywhere.
  - USB device, a desk fan easily plugs into computer .
  - The fan can be placed in office, living room, and bedroom.
  - Lightweight,  easy to store.
• Powerful magnets on the base easily attach to metal surface
• 360° rotation
• Low noise device that provides 2 levels of airflow. 
Overall Dimensions VDC Noise Level Fan Speed Weight
155 x 150 x 37mm 5 Max <31.7 dBA / Min <24.2 dBA Max1700 ± 15% RPM / Min1200 ± 15% RPM 254g

£11.54 (£9.62 ex VAT)
SHL - Large Letter MAXI Mailing Box 347 x 245 x 20mm (Internal) (x10)
In Stock

MAXI Sized mailing box specially made to ensure its counted as a large letter by Royal Mail

This is a plain white mailing box with no logo, barcodes etc.

When made up its INTERNAL measurements are as below, the material is approx 1.5mm thick.

L:347 x W:245 x D:20mm

This box maximises the space available to ensure your parcel is a Large Letter rather than parcel saving you £'s

Supplied in 10's

Other Sizes available, and bulk discounts available

£7.29 (£6.08 ex VAT)
SHL 500ml Isopropanol 99.9% (IPA), CHILD PROOF CAP
In Stock
Isopropanol is also know as Isopropyl Alcohol and IPA is a quickly evaporating Alcohol based chemical that cuts through Thermal Paste and residue allowing you to clean your CPU/GPU die and surrounding areas before applying new thermal paste. Isopropanol works fantastically with Arctic Silver products and allows you to shine the core  for perfect heat transference with the thermal compound of your choice.
Click here for more information about Isopropanol.
Click here for the MSDS of the product. You MUST review this before purchasing the product.

Our child proof tamper evident cap is the default cap for all FILLED bottles, if you order a 1 litre iso with Trigger Spray (for example) the bottle will still come sealed with this cap and the Trigger cap seperately in the parcel.(Empty Bottles come only with the cap type purchased)

Requiring you to push down to rotate the cap it leaves a plastic ring around the neck of the bottle when opened the first time.

£3.00 (£2.50 ex VAT)
DB15 male to 3 x BNC 1.8m
In Stock
This cable allows monitors fitted with 3 BNC sockets to be connected to an older style Mac
£11.39 (£9.49 ex VAT)
Antec Advance Accent Lighting 6 Red LED USB Powered Strip
18 In Stock


Show off your PC in a new light with the Antec Advance Accent Lighting USB-Powered 6 LED Strip. Easy to install and turn on, simply attach the LED strip onto the electronic device you desire, insert the USB plug into an available USB port or powered USB hub and then turn it on with its convenient on / off switch. Add in the one-year warranty on parts and labor as a guarantee you won't be left in the dark. Available in either red or blue, let the Antec Advance Accent Lighting USB-Powered 6 LED strip give your components, desk, or even monitor a healthy glow today!

Key Features

  • Convenient on / off switch activates / deactivates light
  • Requirements: 1 x 2.0 USB Port / 3.0 USB Port
  • Certifications/Safety: CE, RoHS
  • Unit Dimensions: USB connector to base of light strip cable length: 51" / 1300 mm
  • 6 LED length: 14.5" / 370 mm
  • Net Weight: 1 oz / 28.3 g
  • Gross Weight: 2 oz / 56.6 g
£7.05 (£5.88 ex VAT)
Innovatek HDM-L Pro Aluminium HDD Water Cooler
1 In Stock
The HDM-L Pro hard water has a special, two-piece aluminum Entkoppelsystem consisting of an inner frame and an outer frame.The system is completely different from all the systems currently exist on the market and offers significant advantages.

The two frames are acoustically decoupled from each other whereby the Entkoppelwirkung and excellent noise reduction results. The disk is in an aluminum inner frame, thereby optimally cooled and decoupled. An additional insulation foam (which is hard "choke" would be) is no longer available. Through this special and novel Entkoppelsystem foam insulation is no longer necessary thereby damaging heat congestion is avoided at the same or better noise reduction.
The HDM coolers are easily stackable and can be stacked in the 5 1 / 4 "shafts mounted. A special feature is also in this assembly - right on top of each other - the cooling capacity and will not be restricted. Therefore, the HDM cooler especially in systems with many Hard Drives and ensures ideal for cold hard drives and high reliability in order!
The powerful water cooling of the HDM-L Pro Box also cools fastest high-speed hard drives easily and thus provides sufficient reserves.The HDM cooler is easy anywhere in the water cooling system. The large cooling surfaces ensure maximum cooling efficiency and lowest temperatures.
The application and the assembly of the HDM-L Pro Box is absolutely simple and straightforward. 
To install the hard drive have only two covers removed and the plate in the cooler HDM inserted. The HDM Box not only has to be completely dismantled.
The box itself can be like a normal CD-ROM drive in the PC chassis mounted. It is compatible with all quick-lock systems, which find use in enclosures. 

A special feature is the HDM box in two positions in the cabinet are attached:

  1. HDM front panel is flush with the front bezel. Thus, the HDM box from the front (outside) are visible.
  2. Behind: The HDM box is backwards (into the case), so that the original housing aperture (of the 5 1 / 4 "shaft) can still be used. The HDM is therefore invisible in housing construction.
  • Approved for all disks (including 15.000 RPM disks)
  • Suitable for IDE and SATA hard drives
  • Approved for SCSI Hard Drives
  • High-performance aluminum
  • two Entkoppelsystem (aluminum inner and outer frame)
  • No foam insulation is necessary, therefore no additional heat load (heat Jam) of hard disk
  • Optimum efficiency, noise reduction and cooling
  • Absolutely simple and quick to apply and to assemble (like CD-Rom)
  • Fits any 5 1 / 4 "shaft and is compatible with any quick assembly system
  • Upgradeable (eg with temperature module)
  • Made in Germany
  • HDM box in black or alufarben
  • Screws to fasten the hard drive in the HDM Box
  • Screws to fasten the box in the HDM PC Cases
  • Connections for 8x1 tubing (8mm inner / outer diameter 10mm)
  • Detailed assembly instructions German
  • Delivery in Retail
£60.46 (£50.38 ex VAT)
Paladin Data SureStrip cutter/stripper for both flat and round cables - Paladin part no. 1116
In Stock
This high quality multi-purpose cutter and stripper is designed for use with both flat and round cables in both shielded and unshielded varieties. This tool will cut and strip multiple cable types: 4, 6 & 8 conductor flat cable, 4, 6 & 8 conductor UTP/STP data cables, up to 25 pair data & telephone cables, multi-conductor round cable bundles with a maximum diameter of 12.7mm and 14 to 8 AWG wire. This tool has simple thumb screws for ease of adjustment, is self-regulating to prevent nicks, has contoured finter grips for power cutting, lanyard holes for attaching to a wrist straps or key chain, is small & compact enough to place in a pocket and is made of nylon reinforced ABS plastic with stainless steel blade.
£23.56 (£19.63 ex VAT)