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UTP category 6 patch 5.0m BLACK
In Stock

UTP category 6 patch 5.0m BLACK

£6.40 (£5.33 ex VAT)
External grade UTP category 6 solid cable - Box of 305m
In Stock
This cable is manufactured by Nexans (formerly known as Alcatel), one of the world's largest manufacturers of network and comms cabling and comes with a 20 year guarantee. This cable is used for permanent installations for runs which are external to a building.
£199.87 (£166.56 ex VAT)
2 way manual 8pin miniDIN switchbox
In Stock
This is used to switch between one older style Mac and two older style Mac serial devices or two older style Macs and one older style Mac serial device
£12.49 (£10.41 ex VAT)
ZalmanFANMATE 2 Variable Fan Speed Controller
538 In Stock

The FANMATE 2 product is included with the many of Zalman's CPU coolers and the feedback has been so good that we are now offering it separately for customers who wish to use it with other fans. The FANMATE 2 is connected in-line with an existing fan and allows infinite control over the speed at which the fan runs. Where a fan is making a lot of noise due to excessive airflow, this can be reduced in a controlled manner, until such point as the noise becomes minimal and the airflow still adequate. The silencing effect of reducing the speed of a fan even by a small amount can be very surprising!

The FANMATE 2 has a small rotary knob which can be turned in either direction, to raise or lower the fan speed. Once you are happy with the noise/airflow setting, just leave the knob set in its position and your installation is finished. The best approach is to start with the FANMATE 2 at its minimum speed setting ("silent mode") and then increase the speed if more airflow is required.

Rather than using a simple rheostat (variable resistor) arrangement, the FANMATE 2 uses a high quality variable voltage regulator circuit which will not wear out or run excessively hot. Full instructions are supplied, and installation is very easy as can be seen in the diagram below. The product is intended to be used primarily with case fans, and you may be surprised how reducing the speed of a case fan (even slightly) can have a very large effect on noise output, with only a minimal effect on airflow. Of course the best approach is to use fans which are quiet to begin with, but if this is not possible, the FANMATE 2 will provide a very satisfactory alternative in your quest to reduce noise.

Although using the FANMATE 2 in conjunction with the fan on a CPU cooler is certainly possible, you would need to be careful to ensure that the processor does not get too hot due to inadequate airflow. If you have a CPU heatsink which is thermally inefficient in its design, then its manufacturer may have compensated for this shortcoming by providing it with a high-flow high-noise fan, usually because fast fans are cheaper than good heatsink designs! Using the FANMATE 2 in this scenario is not a good idea, and if budget allows, we would always recommend replacing the whole CPU cooler with one of the coolers we sell. This will guarantee safe cooling with the minimum possible noise level.

£2.99 (£2.49 ex VAT)
UTP category 6 solid cable - Box of 305m
In Stock
This cable is manufactured by Nexans (formerly known as Alcatel), one of the world's largest manufacturers of network and comms cabling and comes with a 20 year guarantee. This type of network cable is used for permanent installations.
£121.38 (£101.15 ex VAT)
RJ45 strain relief boot GREEN
In Stock
This item is used in the construction of UTP cables to prevent breaks in the cable next to the plug
£0.36 (£0.30 ex VAT)
Data retrieval recovery USB 2.0 to IDE and SATA adapter
In Stock
These USB adapter cables have both a 2.5 inch and a 3.5 inch IDE connector as well as a SATA connector. They are compliant with USB 2.0, support SATA and SATA II and are compliant with USB mass ATA/ATAPI Ultra DMA mode. These units are supplied with a UK specification power supply.

  • Compliant to USB 2.0 Standard, PLug and play
  • OTB (One touch backup) function
  • IDE 44 Pin Connector for 2.5" IDE HDD's
  • IDE 40 Pin connector for 3.5" IDE HDD's
  • SATA Connector for 2.5"/3.5" SATA HDD's
  • Supports 480Mbps High Speed and 12Mbps Full Speed
  • Included External Power supply
  • UK Power lead
  • Supports Win98SE/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win 7, Mac OS

£22.54 (£18.78 ex VAT)
Evercool RSF-14 140 mm Fan with 120 mm Adaptor
40 In Stock

Compatible for 12 cm fan pitch positions on every computer side panels and chassis.
Also comes with a 12 cm to 14 cm fan adapter that easily upgrades your fan.
Equipped with a silent, large air volume, and long life 14 cm fan that draws hot air out quickly to ensure the system cooling efficiency.
Easy to install, and very pratical to use.

Overall Dimension: 140 x 140 x 40 mm
Rated Voltage : 12 VDC
Bearing Type : Ever Lubricate bearing type (Long life bearing)
Life Time: Over 40000 hr
Speed : 1200±10% RPM
Noise : <22 dBA

£7.10 (£5.92 ex VAT)
SCSI III 68 way microD male (screw) to 50 way microD male 2.0m
In Stock
These are made using double shielded, twisted pair cable and are fully UL approved. They are used to connect card to device or device to device and come in many connector combinations to suit all needs
£19.46 (£16.22 ex VAT)