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Antec P100 Tower Gaming ATX Case 2 x USB3 Soundproofed Toolless  2 x FDB Fans
-1 In Stock


The P100 is an ATX case that epitomizes cool, quiet, and sophistication. It features Antec’s award winning the Performance One series design and Quiet Computing™ technologies that minimize system noise. In addition to 7 expansion slots, the P100 also supports 2 tool-less 5.25” drives and 7 tool-less 3.5”/ 2.5” drives. With a great price to feature ratio the P100 is the only economical case that delivers first class silence performance. A balance of price and feature is achieved by integrating Antec design with superior build quality. Engineered with Quiet Computing™ Technology, the P100 is truly in a class all its own.

Key Features

  • Dual layer design - steel and foam deadens noise
  • Cable Routing - Grommet-lined cable routing holes with 20 mm of space behind the motherboard tray
  • Cooling design - Supports 240mm radiators in the top
  • Sleek Design - Front bezel door opens up to 270 degrees

Case Specifications

Form Factor: Midi Tower
Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro ATX
PSU Support: Standard ATX
Gaming Case: Yes
Water Cooling Ready: Yes
Dimensions: 260mm x 195mm x 369mm (W x H x D)
Packaging Dimensions: 260mm x 195mm x 369mm (W x H x D)
Body Material: 0.8mm Steel
Front Bezel Material: Aluminium
Side Panel: Solid
External Bays: 2 x 5.25” External
Internal Bays: 7 x 3.5” Internal
7 x 2.5” Internal
Drive Bay Notes:
Expansion Slots: 7 x Full Size
Cooling Front: 2 x 120 / 140 mm front intake fans (optional) - One 120mm installed.
Cooling Top: 2 x 120 / 140 mm top exhaust fan (optional)
Cooling Rear: 1 x 120 mm rear exhaust fan
Cooling Side: None
Cooling Bottom: None
IO Ports: 2 x USB 3.0
2 x USB 2.0
1 x HD Audio (Also Supports AC'97)
1 x Microphone
Front Bezel Colour: Black/Silver
Body Colour: Black
System Cabinet Features:
PSU Included: No
Net Weight (KGs): 8 KGs

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part Number: 0-761345-81100-2
EAN Number: 0761345811002
Has Mains Plug: No
Colour: Black/Silver
What's In The Box: Case
Unit (Product) Dimensions (mm): 260mm x 195mm x 369mm (W x H x D)
Packaging Dimensions (mm): 520mm x 290mm x 590mm (W x H x D)
Net Weight (KGs): 7.3 KGs
Gross Weight (KGs): 8.7 KGs

£70.15 (£58.46 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
Noctua NF-A6x25 FLX 60mm Low Noise Fan
56 In Stock

60 x 25mm quiet PC cooling fan
Noise level from 8.2 dB(A)
Feature packed
Six year manufacturer warranty

Size:  60x60x25 mm
Screw hole spacings:  50 mm
Connector:  3-pin
Bearing:  SSO2
Blade Geometry:  A-Series with Flow Acceleration Channels
Frame Technology:  AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation)
Rotational Speed (+/- 10%):  3000 RPM
Rotational Speed with L.N.A. (+/- 10%):  2400 RPM
Rotational Speed with U.L.N.A. (+/- 10%):  1600 RPM
Airflow:  17.2 CFM
Airflow with L.N.A.:  13.8 CFM
Airflow with U.L.N.A.:  9.8 CFM
Acoustical Noise:  19.3 dB(A)
Acoustical Noise with L.N.A.:  14.5 dB(A)
Acoustical Noise with U.L.N.A.:  8.2 dB(A)
Static Pressure:  2.18 mm H2O
Static Pressure with L.N.A.:  1.41 mm H2O
Static Pressure with U.L.N.A.:  0.61 mm H2O
Max. Input Power:  1.44 W
Max. Input Current:  0.12 A
Voltage:  12 V
MTBF:  > 150,000 h
Accessories:  Low-Noise Adaptor (L.N.A.), Ultra-Low-Noise Adapter (U.L.N.A.), 3 to 4-Pin Adaptor, 30cm Extension Cable, 3 Vibration-Compensators and 4 Fan Screws

£10.99 (£9.16 ex VAT)
Acousti AcoustiPack ML 3-layer 12mm OEM Material
207 In Stock
Manufacturer Acousti Products
Product name AcoustiPack Multi-layer 3L12
Product code APML-3L12
Material code SA6.4F2B6.4F
Colour Dark grey/black
Composition Triple-layer acoustic composite
Installation method Self-adhesive backing
Thickness 12mm
Dimensions 457 x 431 mm (17 x 18 inches)
Total sheet area 0.197m² (2.13 ft²)
Weight 1230g (43 oz)
Material weight per unit area 4.54 kg/m² (0.93 lb/ft²) ±10%
Foam type Open cell
Normal operating temperature 0°C-93°C (32°F-200°F)
Flammability certification UL94-V0 (UKAS Accredited)
RoHS certified Yes
Packaging Bulk OEM
£20.41 (£17.01 ex VAT)
HDMI port protector (male to female) swivel type
In Stock
This HDMI adapter is used to prevent connection issues where equipment is placed close to a wall or the depth available for the connection is otherwise restricted. It may also be used to prevent the damage caused by frequent unplugging of equipment.

This adapter has gold plated 19 pin type A HDMI connectors on each side (one male and one female)and a flexible joint to allow for better positioning. It conforms to HDMI 1.3b specifications and supports transmission rates of up to 10.2Gbits per second at 1080p / 1080i.

Supplied in multiples of one. Two are shown in the illustration for clarity.

£8.19 (£6.83 ex VAT)
Powercool 45cm 8-pin male to 8-pin female EPS 8-Pin Extension Braided Cable Red
In Stock

Cable Description: 45cm 8-pin male to 8-pin female EPS 8-Pin Extension Braided Cable Red

Cable Length: 45cm

Colour: Red

Cable Specification: 18AWG(34/0.18)

Packaging: Blister Packed

Ultra Dense Weave Braided Cable

An ultra dense weave on the braid ensures that the cable is totally covered to both look good and protect the cable.

Multi-sleeved Construction

Each individual cable is wrapped in a luxurious ultra-dense weaved braid.

Multiple Colours and Cable Types

Available in various cable types and colours, to complete the unique look to your computer.

Premium Quality Cable Assembly

The cables are manufactured using the strictest standards to ensure each cable performs correctly.

Moulded Connectors

Every connector is precision moulded to ensure the correct standards for the size and shape.

£2.10 (£1.75 ex VAT)
Antec Wedge Bluetooth Speaker White And Gold With Suction Cups
1 In Stock


Say hello to WEDGE, a triangular little Bluetooth® speaker that boasts three nifty functions. Built- in suction cups grip onto smartphones and tablets with up to 7.9” screens and angle your device comfortably for typing, browsing, watching movies, or reading. The 40 mm drivers deliver clear, full sound, giving you a much better alternative to tinny-sounding and inadequate cell phone speakers. With its built-in microphone, WEDGE is also a speakerphone, so you can seamlessly handle phone calls in between songs on your playlist.
The 30-ft. (10 m) Bluetooth® range enables wireless freedom, making WEDGE the perfect companion for your mobile device.

Key Features

  • Output - 3 watt
  • Mobile Device Stand - WEDGE holds your device firmly in place in landscape or portait mode
  • Bluetooth range - 10m
  • Impedance - 4 ?
  • Frequency Response - 100Hz-18kHz
  • Driver Size - 40mm
  • Battery - 400 mAh
  • Charging Time - 1.5 hours
  • Playback time - Abour 4 hours at medium volume
  • Built in Mic - For taking calls

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part Number: 0-761345-01353-6
EAN Number: 0761345013536
Has Mains Plug: No
Colour: White & Gold
What's In The Box: WEDGE speaker
USB Charging Cable
3.5mm cable
Quick start guide
Unit (Product) Dimensions (mm): 63mm x 54mm x 76mm (W x H x D)
Packaging Dimensions (mm): 66mm x 130mm x 96mm (W x H x D)
Net Weight (KGs): 0.13 KGs
Gross Weight (KGs): 0.145 KGs
£11.45 (£9.54 ex VAT)
Passive SCSI terminator 50 way microD male
In Stock
These are used to terminate external SCSI chains. Please note that SCSI III and higher controllers always require active termination at the end of the chain of devices.
£8.35 (£6.96 ex VAT)
Evercool 3 pin female to 2 x 3 pin male EC-DF011
100 In Stock
• 3 pin female to 2 x 3 pin male
• Connects two fans to single fan header
• Compatible with 3 pin fans
Application : Dual fan adapter
Cable length : 19 cm
Cable Material : Copper
designed for : 3 pin Fans
Fan connector : 2 x 3 pin (one with rpm signal)
Product code : EC-DF011

£1.26 (£1.05 ex VAT)
AcoustiFeet BLACK anti-vibration (FIRM) <30Kg
537 In Stock

Anti-vibration Replacement Firm Feet (Pack of 4)

A great deal of PC case feet are solid plastic, or (at best) very hard rubber and therefore do a good job of transmitting unwanted vibrations from inside a PC via the chassis/case into the desk, floor or shelf on which the system sits. In this situation, where the case is in direct contact with the substrate, the PC can generate annoying noise elsewhere (secondary noise).

We have designed a unique set of 4 self-adhesive soft silicone feet (UK Reg Design Applied), of varying softness (for different case weights) and in two colours. These case feet are designed to decouple a PC case from the floor or substrate by absorbing vibrational energy, and therefore helping to minimise noise generation caused by vibrations.

A little extreme? Well, yes, perhaps: but even with very quietest PCs it is vibration that becomes the most significant culprit/contributor to noise generation. So we have developed these case feet to try and minimise vibrations in our pursuit of 'ultimate noise reduction'. We hope you enjoy the difference - check out the feedback & reviews from customers below!

Multiple Applications

Antivibration case feet are not just limited to combating PC noise and for vibration control in their application - they may be useful for Inkjet and Laser Printers, HiFi Separates, TVs, Small Form Factor PCs, Home Theatre PCs, and any number of appliances and enclosures that would benefit from vibration adsorption and reduction. Speaker cabinets may also be a useful application for these feet - helping to isolate the speaker cabinet from the surface on which it sits.

£3.70 (£3.08 ex VAT)