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CD audio lead white to multiheaded 0.5m
In Stock
This cable allows a CD-ROM drive or similar device to connect to a sound card. The cable has a white 4 pin 2mm pitch female connector at one end and four connectors at the other
£1.77 (£1.48 ex VAT)
SHL 250ml Isopropanol 99.9% (IPA), FINGER SPRAY
In Stock
Isopropanol is also know as Isopropyl Alcohol and IPA is a quickly evaporating Alcohol based chemical that cuts through Thermal Paste and residue allowing you to clean your CPU/GPU die and surrounding areas before applying new thermal paste. Isopropanol works fantastically with Arctic Silver products and allows you to shine the core  for perfect heat transference with the thermal compound of your choice.
Click here for more information about Isopropanol.
Click here for the MSDS of the product. You MUST review this before purchasing the product.

Our child proof tamper evident cap is the default cap for all FILLED bottles, if you order a 1 litre iso with Trigger Spray (for example) the bottle will still come sealed with this cap and the Trigger cap seperately in the parcel.(Empty Bottles come only with the cap type purchased)

Requiring you to push down to rotate the cap it leaves a plastic ring around the neck of the bottle when opened the first time.

Finger Spray Cap. To create a fine mist of spray ideal for screen and whiteboard cleaning supplied with a small cap to seal the unit.

*We do not recommend this cap type on our 1000ml bottles, they can become a bit tricky to handle.

  • The diptube on the Finger spray and trigger sprays requires trimming to size (apart from with the 1000ml bottles) and should be cut with a 45 degree angle. (remember to hold the diptube against the bottle and cut a little longer than you think you need it, so it can bend at the bottom of the bottle to get to all the liquid, and you can always trim a little more off, but you can't stick it back on)
  • For long term storage customers are advised to put the child proof cap back on.

£1.93 (£1.61 ex VAT)
USB 1.1 to twin PS2 adapter cable 0.2m
In Stock
This cable allows a PS2 keyboard and a PS2 mouse to be connected via a single USB port. The keyboard port is also suitable for use with hand scanners. These are retail packaged with an IEC hanger
£7.21 (£6.01 ex VAT)
IEEE 1394 Firewire 9 pin to 9 pin 3.0m
In Stock
This cable is used to connect a 9 pin Firewire device to either another 9 pin Firewire device or a 9 pin Firewire port
£11.02 (£9.18 ex VAT)
Digital audio Toslink to 3.5mm Miniplug 1.0m
In Stock
These fibre optic cables are used for connecting digital audio devices
£7.61 (£6.34 ex VAT)
Category 5e connection box
In Stock
These junction boxes are designed for joining two ends of raw CAT5e cable. They contain two punchdown blocks and are suitable for use with both solid and stranded UTP and STP cable. They are fully shielded with metal housings and are Category 5e certified.
£4.74 (£3.95 ex VAT)
CiT MTX-001B Piano Black Shiny Mini ITX Case 300W PSU
367 In Stock

300W Micro ATX Standard PSU Fitted
Excellent EMI protection design
Refined design, with folded metal edges for safe assembly
Sturdy structure

Form Factor: Mini ITX
Motherboard Support: Mini ITX
PSU Support: Micro ATX
Gaming Case: No
Water Cooling Ready: No
Dimensions: 200mm x 180mm x 335mm (W x H x D)
Packaging Dimensions: 240mm x 260mm x 370mm (W x H x D)
Body Material: 0.6mm SECC Metal
Front Bezel Material: Plastic and Mesh
Side Panel: Vented
External Bays: 1 x 5.25” External
Internal Bays: 1 x 3.5” Internal 
Expansion Slots: 1 x Full Size
Cooling Front: Space for 1 x 8cm Fan (Not Included)
Cooling Top: None
Cooling Rear: None
Cooling Side: None
Cooling Bottom: None
IO Ports: 2 x USB 2.0
1 x IEEE1394 Firewire
1 x HD Audio
1 x Microphone
Front Bezel Colour: Black/Silver
Body Colour: Black 
PSU Included: Yes
Net Weight (KGs): 2.5 KGs

£29.64 (£24.70 ex VAT)
Antec TrueQuiet UFO LED White 120mm Dual Speed Case Fan
0 In Stock


The TrueQuiet™ 120 UFO case fan was designed to minimize sound while maximizing airflow in your PC. It reduces sound with nine low-turbulence fan blades and limits vibration with rubberized corners. It also has toolless flexible mounting pins that prevent any further vibrations and make installation quick and easy. The TrueQuiet™ 120 UFO accentuates all of these features with a translucent, glowing ring that comes in blue, green, white, or red. The lights allow users to customize the appearance of their builds while enjoying effective and
quiet cooling. Antec’s TrueQuiet™ 120 UFO is backed by a 2-year limited warranty on parts and labor, so upgrade your fans today for optimal quiet cooling that comes in a unique package.

Key Features

  • Quiet or Performance - 2-way switch to select fan speed
  • Lighting - White LED ring
  • Design - Uniquely-designed fan blades increase air flow while reducing turbulence and noise
  • Anti-vibtration - Silicone grommets to reduce vibration
  • Easy to use - Toolless mounting pins for quick and easy installation


Fan Speed: 600-1000 RPM
Air Flow: 21.1CFM - 46.3CFM
Noise Level: 8.9dBA - 19.9dBA

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part Number: 0-761345-75292-3
EAN Number: 0761345752923
Has Mains Plug: No
Colour: White
What's In The Box: fan
rubber holding pins
3 pin to molex adapter
Unit (Product) Dimensions (mm): 25mm x 120mm x 120mm (W x H x D)
Net Weight (KGs): 0.138 KGs
Gross Weight (KGs): 0.2 KGs
£10.84 (£9.04 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
SCSI III 68 way microD male (screw) to 50 way microD male 3.0m
In Stock
These are made using triple shielded, twisted pair cable and are fully UL approved. They are used to connect card to device or device to device and come in many connector combinations to suit all needs
£29.29 (£24.41 ex VAT)