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Evercool 70mm 7cm 70 x 70 x 15 PWM 12 Volt PC case Fan (H)
21 In Stock

Fan Description VDC Fan Speed Noise
Fan Depth Fan Size Life/Hours
7015H 12 1500 RPM ± 25% ~ 4000 RPM ± 10% <16.9 dB ~ <37 dB 15mm 70x70mm 40000

Cable Length = Approx 23cm (Fan edge to end of connector), No Screws.
£4.99 (£4.16 ex VAT)
4 way UK telephone plug
In Stock
These 4 way UK telephone plugs are used in the construction of telephone & modem leads and conform to BS431A.
£0.49 (£0.41 ex VAT)
SCSI V VHDCI (UHD) Male to 50 way microD Male 2.0m
In Stock
These VHDCI cables are made using double shielded, twisted pair cable and are fully UL approved. They are used to connect card to device or device to device and come in many connector combinations to suit all needs.NB: The VHDCI connector is also known as UHD - ultra high density SCSI.
£37.58 (£31.32 ex VAT)
UTP category 5e patch 5.0m BLACK
In Stock
UTP category 5e patch 5.0m BLACK
£2.99 (£2.49 ex VAT)
Antec Thermal Grease White 0.05C/W 1g Supplied Silicone Compound
431 In Stock


Thermal Grease - For use with Heatsink Fans to better cool CPU's.

Key Features

  • Thermal Resistance: 0.05°C/W
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Silicone compounds
  • Weight: 1g / packet
  • Package Dimensions: 1.27cm(L) x 10.16cm(W) x 17.78(H)
  • Package Weight: 0.01 lbs
£1.72 (£1.43 ex VAT)
ScytheShuriken Big 2 Rev.B Low Profile CPU Cooler, SCBSK-2100
93 In Stock
Excellent low profile cooler, only 58mm tall
Supplied with Scythe 120mm Slim PWM fan
Suitable for Intel's new LGA2011 CPUs
New FSMB4 mounting system
Compatible with Intel LGA2011/1366/1155/1156/775 and AMD FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2

Compatibility Intel LGA2011/1366/1155/1156/775 and AMD FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2
Max TDP All
Installation Method Intel and AMD - backplate, requires motherboard removal
Combined Dimensions 125 x 135 x 58 mm
Weight 410 g
Accessories Manual, Thermal Grease
Fan specifications Shown below
Model Name Slip Stream 120 Slim PWM
Model No. SY1212SL12H-P
Fan Dimensions 120 x 120 x 12 mm
Fan Speed 500 (±200 RPM) - 2000 RPM (±10%) - PWM controlled
Noise Level 9.32 – 33.67 dBA
Air Flow 12.13 - 45.47 CFM
Static Pressure 0.11 – 1.35 mmH2O
Input Current 0.19 A
Bearing Type Sleeve Bearing
Voltage 12 V
Warranty 24 months
£37.99 (£31.66 ex VAT)
Fax modem lead (2 wire reversed) 3.0m
In Stock
This cable will connect a suitable modem (normally 56Kbps or faster) to the UK telephone wall socket
£1.54 (£1.28 ex VAT)
8 pin 12 volt power extension 0.3m
In Stock
These cables are handmade in the UK and are designed to extend 8 pin 12 volt power leads. Limited quantities are available please call to confirm availability for large orders.
£6.14 (£5.12 ex VAT)
SHL 25 Litre (25000ml) High quality pure Isopropanol 99.9%
In Stock

Isopropanol is also know as Isopropyl Alcohol and IPA is a quickly evaporating Alcohol based chemical that cuts through Thermal Paste and residue allowing you to clean your CPU/GPU die and surrounding areas before applying new thermal paste. Isopropanol works fantastically with Arctic Silver products and allows you to shine the core  for perfect heat transference with the thermal compound of your choice.
Click here for more information about Isopropanol.
Click here for the MSDS of the product. You MUST review this before purchasing the product.

Instructions For Use:

Pour some of the Isopropanol into a container (Egg cup or similar) during the cleaning process you may accidently put your dirty Cloth or cotton bud back into the liquid, ideally you do not want to contaminate a whole bottle which is why you remove a small amount for each cleaning.

  • Remove Heatsink and/or fan
  • Use a Cotton bud (Ear hole poker) to apply a the Isopropanol to the area with the thermal Compound (If you are replacing an old Heatsink, it might be worth practicing cleaning the old heatsink first before attempting to clean the core just so you are happy with the effects the Isopropanol has on the Compound).
  • Use a Shiny Hardware Lint free cloth to clean the dispersed Thermal Material and excess Isopropanol.
  • Reapply the isopropanol with a clean Ear Bud and repeat until all thermal material has been removed.
  • Please take care when cleaning GPU cores as they are mounted on the graphics card generally surrounded by resistors, you must ensure you remove all traces of the Thermal Material.

The above instructions are an example of how to use Isopropanol in conjunction with your components they are not a guarenteed method for utilisation. You must take allnecessary precautions to guard against damaging your hardware, Shiny Hardware Limited are not responsible for any misuse of the above Product. If you are unsure please seek further advise on the web.




£43.99 (£36.66 ex VAT)