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Evercool Spider Filter Red Blade 80mm Fan & Filter
16 In Stock
The distinctive Spider Web Patterned filter reduces dust on the fan and in the case.
Maintains high airflow through the filter
Exclusive Spider Filter design by EVERCOOL (Patent pending).
Super Silent and long life 3 pin/wire fan
Includes standard 3 pin fan to 4 pin MOLEX passthrough connector.
DC Fan Size : 80x80x25 mm
Rated Voltage : 12 V
Bearing Type : Ever Lubricate bearing type (Long life bearing)
Power Consumption : 1.32 W
Speed : 2500 RPM
Max Air flow :
32.5 CFM
Noise : <20 dBA
£6.99 (£5.83 ex VAT)
DB25 male to female 3.0m
In Stock
These cables have all 25 lines connected 1:1. Their main uses are to extend any cable with DB25 fittings and to connect DB25 serial ports to DB25 serial devices
£4.10 (£3.42 ex VAT)
Twin phono extension 1.5m
In Stock
This cable will extend any twin phono lead
£1.77 (£1.48 ex VAT)
Thermaltake E-Sports Pyrrhus Gaming Mousemat Medium 360 x 300mm Ultra Slim Fiber
Thermaltake E-Sports Pyrrhus Gaming Mousemat Medium 360 x 300mm Ultra Slim Fiber
£13.26 (£11.05 ex VAT)
IEEE 1394 Firewire 4 pin coupler
In Stock
This allows two 4 pin Firewire leads to be joined together
£5.22 (£4.35 ex VAT)
SHL 250ml Isopropanol 99.9% (IPA), TRIGGER SPRAY
In Stock
Isopropanol is also know as Isopropyl Alcohol and IPA is a quickly evaporating Alcohol based chemical that cuts through Thermal Paste and residue allowing you to clean your CPU/GPU die and surrounding areas before applying new thermal paste. Isopropanol works fantastically with Arctic Silver products and allows you to shine the core  for perfect heat transference with the thermal compound of your choice.
Click here for more information about Isopropanol.
Click here for the MSDS of the product. You MUST review this before purchasing the product.

Our child proof tamper evident cap is the default cap for all FILLED bottles, if you order a 1 litre iso with Trigger Spray (for example) the bottle will still come sealed with this cap and the Trigger cap seperately in the parcel.(Empty Bottles come only with the cap type purchased)

Requiring you to push down to rotate the cap it leaves a plastic ring around the neck of the bottle when opened the first time.

Trigger spray cap, for distribution of liquid over a larger area, there are 3 settings, OFF/MIST/JET so you can distribute the contents as a fine mist, ideal for applying to large surface areas or the drench a surface with the JET setting. 

When not in use it is recommended that the cap is set to OFF.

  • The diptube on the Finger spray and trigger sprays requires trimming to size (apart from with the 1000ml bottles) and should be cut with a 45 degree angle. (remember to hold the diptube against the bottle and cut a little longer than you think you need it, so it can bend at the bottom of the bottle to get to all the liquid, and you can always trim a little more off, but you can't stick it back on)
  • For long term storage customers are advised to put the child proof cap back on.

£2.35 (£1.96 ex VAT)
UTP category 5e patch 5.0m YELLOW
In Stock
UTP category 5e patch 5.0m YELLOW
£2.51 (£2.09 ex VAT)
Evercool EC-DF004 Fan speed reduction cable (12v- 7.5v)
33 In Stock
• Fan speed reduction cable
• 3pin fan noise reduction
• Reduces 12 voltage supply by 4.5V
• Lengths : 10cm

Application : Fan speed reduction cable
Cable length : 10 cm
Cable Material : Copper
Designed for : 3pin fans
Fan connector : Reduces 12 voltage supply by 4.5V
Product code : EC-DF004

£2.50 (£2.08 ex VAT)
RJ11 plug to UK telephone socket adapter cable
In Stock
RJ11 plug to UK telephone socket adapter cable
£1.65 (£1.38 ex VAT)