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Innovatek HDC Liquid Water HDD Cooling
0 In Stock
The HDC has liquid water drive - like the HDM boxes - on a special, two-piece aluminum Entkoppelsystem which consists of an inner frame and an outer frame. The system is completely different from all the systems that exist currently on the market and enjoys significant advantages.
The two frames are acoustically decoupled from each other so that the excellent results Entkoppelwirkung and noise reduction. The drive is mounted it in an aluminum inner frame, thereby optimally cooled and decoupled. An additional insulation foam (which suffocate the hard drive "would") is no longer available. This special and novel Entkoppelsystem this foam insulation is no longer necessary thereby damaging heat accumulation is avoided, at the same or better noise reduction.
The HDC coolers are easily stackable and can also be stacked in the 5 1 / 4 "shafts are mounted. A special feature is also in this assembly - right on top - get the cooling performance and is not restricted. Therefore, the HDC cooler, especially in systems with many Hard Drives and ensures ideal for cold hard disks and hence a high reliability!
The powerful water cooling of the HDC cooler cools even the fastest high-speed hard drives easily and thus provides sufficient reserves. The HDC cooler is easily integrated into any point in the water cooling system. The large cooling surfaces for maximum cooling and minimum temperatures.
Approved for all hard drives (even 15,000 RPM disks)
Suitable for IDE and SATA hard drives
Approved for SCSI Hard Drives
High quality aluminum construction
two-Entkoppelsystem (aluminum inner and outer frame)
Optimum efficiency, noise reduction and cooling
Absolutely easy and fast to use and to install (such as CD-Rom)
Fits any 5 1 / 4 "bay and is compatible with every system for quick
Made in Germany
HDC cooler
Screws to fasten the hard disk
Screws to fasten the box in the HDC PC Cases
Connections for 8x1 tubing (8mm inner / outer diameter 10mm)
Shipping to Retailbox
£30.74 (£25.62 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
Reverse wired serial interface - DB25 male without backplate
In Stock
This cable allows an external serial port to be connected to a motherboard fitted with a reverse wired 10 way IDC serial port header. There are two varieties of this cable, the correct variety must be used or the serial interface will not work. Retail packaging is available for this probuct, please call for prices
£1.65 (£1.38 ex VAT)
Five way SCSI III cable 1.25m
In Stock
These cables allow 68 pin SCSI III devices to connect to the controller
£11.55 (£9.63 ex VAT)
Aerocool Dark Force 9cm Black Fan Retail Packed 7 Blades Anti-Vibration Screws
1. All black fan suitable for all sorts of case build
2. 7 fan blade design generates a sturdy high air pressure and air flow.
3. Anti-vibration screws included to assorb vibration caused by spinning action
4. 3-pin to 4-pin adaptor included

Soort Ventilator
Geschikt voor Computer behuizing
Ventilator diameter 90 mm
Maximale centrifugesnelheid 1800 RPM
Geluidsniveau (hoge snelheid 23.5 dB
Maximum luchtstroom 33.40 cfm
Maximum luchtdruk 1.32 mmH2O
Mean time between failures (MTBF) 20000 uur
Kleur van het product Zwart
Nominale netspanning 0.12 A
Typisch stroomverbruik 1.44 W
Voltage 12 V
Gewicht en omvang
Breedte 90 mm
Diepte 25 mm
Hoogte 90 mm
£2.81 (£2.34 ex VAT)
IEEE 1394 Firewire 9 pin to 4 pin 3.0m
In Stock
This cable is used to connect a 4 pin Firewire device to a 9 pin Firewire port.
£9.82 (£8.18 ex VAT)
Akasa 60x60x10mm, 12v dc fan-ball/3pin DFC601012H
10 In Stock
Application PC Case fan
Fan dimension 60 x 60 x 10mm
Fan speed 5000 RPM
Fan airflow 23.61 CFM
Fan air pressure 4.33 H2O
Bearing type Ball Bearing
Connector 3-pin with RPM sensor wire
Voltage rating DC 12V
Noise level 36.08 dB(A)
£3.60 (£3.00 ex VAT)
Thermaltake Silver River 5G 3.5
Thermaltake Silver River 5G 3.5" USB3.0 SATA Aluminium HDD Enclosure
£27.69 (£23.08 ex VAT)
8 pin 12 volt power extension 0.3m
In Stock
These cables are handmade in the UK and are designed to extend 8 pin 12 volt power leads. Limited quantities are available please call to confirm availability for large orders.
£6.14 (£5.12 ex VAT)
6 way UK mains and telephone/modem gang with surge / spike protection
In Stock
These unitsallow up to 6 devices fitted with UK mains plugs to be connected to one UK mains socketalso allow a telephone and modem to be connected to a single UK telephone wall socketprotect against the damage caused by power surges and spikes from both the mains and telephone linesconform to BS1363Ahave neon mains & surge protection indicatorshave a thermal overload cutouthave an on / off switch for the power socketsare supplied with a cable to connect to the telephone wall socketare supplied with a 2m long integral UK mains leadhave a low profile designand are retail packaged with an IEC hanger
£16.99 (£14.16 ex VAT)