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AcoustiAcoustiFan: DustPROOF 120mm fan
297 In Stock

The fan motor for the DustPROOF range of virtually silent fans is extremely quiet. The AcoustiFan™ DustPROOF series use the highest quality double-ball bearings available for reliability, use-anywhere inside a PC for extra long life expectancy (upgrade your PC and take these fans with you!). One of the unique features of these PC fans is that the motor has been completely sealed from the outside environment. This prevents dust entering the motor and also reduces the amount of noise perceived to be coming from the bearings within the motor.

Each DustPROOF™ quiet fan is also supplied with a unique 3-speed fan cable which offers maximum flexibility (3-pin or 4-pin power connectors), along with the ability to select a fan speed suitable for your PC and noise sensitivity. The black connector will run your fan at full speed (12V), the blue connector will run the fan at medium speed (7.5V), and the white connector will run it at minimum speed (5V). However, if you opt for the white connector (minimum fan speed), be certain to design the airflow through your PC system carefully and monitor system and component temperatures. Acousti have even included four handy cable ties with each DustPROOF™ fan!

The DustPROOF™ quiet fans also incorporate an Auto Start safety feature. This feature is built into the fan's PCB and automatically restarts the fan after the release of any obstacle which has prevented the blades from spinning.

Fan size (edge to edge) 120 mm
Manufacturer Acousti Products
Model AFDP-12025B
Air volume at full speed (12V), CFM ±10% 56.3
Noise level at full speed (12V), dB(A) 24.7
Fan speed at full speed (12V), RPM ±10% 1500
Air volume at reduced speed (7.5V), CFM ±10% 41.5
Noise level at reduced speed (7.5V), dB(A) 15.6
Fan speed at reduced speed (7.5V), RPM ±10% 1050
Power consumption, W 1.56
Weight, g 156
Approximate cable length, cm 40
Life expectancy @ 25°C continuous use 6 years
Power connector 3-pin, 4-pin
Bearing type 2-Ball
Accessories 3-Speed fan cable
Mounting hardware included Screws
Fan depth 25 mm
Rated voltage 12 VDC

£17.00 (£14.17 ex VAT)
Akasa 9cm 90mm Metal Fan Grill MG-09
-13 In Stock

Chrome fan guard available in 6, 8, 9 & 12cm

Product code:
 MG-09 (9cm)

£1.53 (£1.28 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
CiT Spec Ops Gaming Case USB3 Rubber Coated Screwless 12cm LED Fan Side Window
43 In Stock


Spec Ops is a Full Tower Gaming PC Case. The front I/O ports, which include: 1 x USB 3.0 (for super fast data transfer rates), 2 x USB 2.0, HD Headphone socket and Microphone socket are located at the top of the case, allowing easy access for the user. With the ability to have up to 6 fans (2 x 120/140mm - Front (1 x 120mm inc.), 2 x 120/140mm - Top, 1 x 120mm (inc.)- Rear, 1 x 120mm - Bottom), and the ability to add a water cooling kit. it can provide a almost perfect solution for even the most demanding gaming system. The filter behind the front mesh and the bottom air filter helps aid in keeping your system dust free and cool, even when placed on the floor. With the rubber coating to the top and front panels, the black finish to both the interior and the exterior along with the blue motherboard plate and toolless kits, help in providing a sleek look to your PC system. With the addition on a side window, allowing the user to add LED fans, LED strip lighting to the interior of the case, to aid in customisable look to the case.

Key Features

  • Chassis - Black powder coat both internally and externally, with a blue motherboard plate and rubber coating to the top and front panel

  • I/O port - 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, HD Headphone & Microphone, located at the top of the case providing easy access for the user

  • Cooling - 12cm Blue LED (Front) and 12cm (rear) included

  • PSU Mounting - Bottom mounted PSU with removable air filter

  • Motherboard Base Plate - Large hole in motherboard plate to allow easy changing of the CPU fan without removing the motheboard

  • Screwless - 3 sets of ODD screwless, 6 sets of HDD screwless.

Case Specifications

Form Factor: Full Tower
Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
PSU Support: Standard ATX
Gaming Case: Yes
Water Cooling Ready: Yes
Dimensions: 217mm x 524mm x 533mm (W x H x D)
Packaging Dimensions: 281mm x 612mm x 580mm (W x H x D)
Body Material: 0.6mm SPCC
Front Bezel Material: Plastic and Mesh
Side Panel: Window
External Bays: 3 x 5.25” External
1 x 3.5” External
Internal Bays: 6 x 3.5” Internal
6 x 2.5” Internal
Drive Bay Notes: Internal 3.5" & 2.5" use same bays
Expansion Slots: 8 x Full Size
Cooling Front: Space for 2 x 120mm or 1 x 140mm (1 x 120mm LED inc.)
Cooling Top: Space for 2 x 120/140mm or 1 x 200
Cooling Rear: Space for 1 x 12cm Fan (Not Included)
Cooling Side: None
Cooling Bottom: Space for 1 x 12cm Fan (Not Included)
IO Ports: 1 x USB 3.0
2 x USB 2.0
1 x HD Audio
1 x Microphone
Front Bezel Colour: Black
Body Colour: Black
System Cabinet Features:
PSU Included: No
Net Weight (KGs): 8.1 KGs

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part Number: SPEC OPS (KS-S02)
EAN Number: 5055492412447
Has Mains Plug: No
Colour: Black
What's In The Box: Case
Screw Pack
Unit (Product) Dimensions (mm): 217mm x 524mm x 533mm (W x H x D)
Packaging Dimensions (mm): 281mm x 612mm x 580mm (W x H x D)
Net Weight (KGs): 8.1 KGs
Gross Weight (KGs): 9.4 KGs
£42.12 (£35.10 ex VAT)
ZalmanZM500-GS 500W Power Supply
-8 In Stock

Two Forward Switching design
Less than 1W standby power
Meets ErP Lot 6, standby power and efficiency standards
Ultra-quiet 120mm fan

Two-Forward Switching Circuit Design
Two-Forward Switching Design minimises switching loss and internal heat for enhanced reliability and stability.

Active PFC for Improved Power Factor and Reduced Harmonics
By implementing an Active PFC (Power Factor Correction), instead of a Passive PFC with a Power Factor (PF) of 75%, PF has been improved up to 99% while harmful harmonic frequencies have been reduced to meet the Line Harmonic Distortion Requirement of IEC61000-3-2 Class D.

Ultra Quiet 120mm Fan
Ultra quiet 120mm cooling fan increases airflow while minimising noise for a superbly quiet computing environment.

Maximum Efficiency & Energy Savings
The energy efficient Green IC circuitry consumes much less standby power (less than 1W) compared to other PSUs without this feature. The GS PSUs also meet ErP Lot 6 2010 Standby Power, WEEE and RoHS Standards

ATX12V ver2.3
The latest PSU design standard is incorporated for compatibility with a wide range of CPUs, motherboards, and graphic cards.

Dual Rail +12V DC Output
Two independent +12V outputs for core components facilitate highly stable operation.

Dual Graphics Card Support
One 6 Pin and one 6+2 Pin power connectors for PCI Express support dual graphics card system.

Design Optimised for Cooling
Hexagon-shaped mesh design effective cools the unit and maximises airflow.

Sleeved DC Output Cables
DC Output Cables are sleeved for easy cable management and improved air circulation inside the computer case.

Safe and Stable Power Supply
Safety features include Over-Voltage Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Under-Voltage Protection, Over-Power Protection safeguard the system

Full Details

£40.79 (£33.99 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
Antec Twelve Hundred V3 Gaming Tower Case USB3 5 x 12cm & 1 x 20cm Blue LED Fans
49 In Stock


The Unbeatable Gaming Case. Antecs Twelve Hundred V3 gaming case combines maximum performance, cooling and compatibility in a full-tower package. Thirteen drive bays, space for graphics cards as large as 17.5", a CPU cutout, an internal 2.5" SSD drive mount and newly integrated USB 3.0 round off a robust foundation for your components. The Twelve Hundred V3 features a top Big Boy 200™ blue LED cooling fan, two rear blue LED 120 mm fans and three front blue LED 120 mm fans. Apart from standard size power supplies, the Twelve Hundred V3 can accommodate Antecs CPX form factor PSUs. Outfit your components and maximize their performance with Antecs Twelve Hundred V3.

Key Features

  • Cooling - Unbeatable with 1 x 200mm fan and 5 x 120mm fans
  • Accessability - Convenient top accessory tray and front mounted USB and HD audio ports
  • Dust Filters - Filtered front panel takes in air efficiently and prevents dust buildup
  • Side Panel - Stylish windowed side panel lets you show off all your hardware
  • USB - Front Panel USB 3.0 port
  • Form Factor Support - XL-ATX for the biggest of hardware

Case Specifications

Form Factor: Full Tower
Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
PSU Support: Standard ATX, Micro ATX, Extended ATX
Gaming Case: Yes
Water Cooling Ready: Yes
Dimensions: 213mm x 582mm x 513mm (W x H x D)
Packaging Dimensions: 300mm x 650mm x 600mm (W x H x D)
Body Material: 0.8mm SECC Metal
Front Bezel Material: Mesh
Side Panel: Window / Vented
External Bays: 9 x 5.25” External
Internal Bays: 9 x 3.5” Internal
1 x 2.5” Internal
Drive Bay Notes:
Expansion Slots: 7 x Full Size
Cooling Front: 3 front 120 mm blue LED intake fans with front speed control
Cooling Top: 1 top 200 mm Big Boy 200mm blue LED exhaust fan
Cooling Rear: 2 rear 120 mm blue LED exhaust fan
Cooling Side: 1 window side panel 120 mm fan slot
Cooling Bottom: None
IO Ports: 3 x USB 3.0
1 x HD Audio (Also Supports AC'97)
1 x Microphone
Front Bezel Colour: Black
Body Colour: Black
System Cabinet Features:
PSU Included: No
Net Weight (KGs): 14.2 KGs
£154.44 (£128.70 ex VAT)
Thermaltake Core X1 black. Itx Cube case Stackable Case solution
Thermaltake Core X1 black. Itx Cube case Stackable Case solution
£83.74 (£69.78 ex VAT)
Thermaltake Tough Power Grand 1050W 80+ Gold Certified Modular 14cm Fan
Thermaltake Tough Power Grand 1050W 80+ Gold Certified Modular 14cm Fan
£185.64 (£154.70 ex VAT)
Antec A.M.P dBs In-Ear Silver Headphones Full Range Nylon Cable
0 In Stock
Sound You Can Feel - In-Ear Headphones

Although small in size, Antec Mobile Products’ (a.m.p.) dBs in-ear headphones pack a mighty punch. The dBs’ Extra-large, high-efficiency drivers and extreme performance cables provide an exceptional, crystal clear, zero-loss audio experience that eliminates the distortion normally found at peak volume levels. Furthermore, the braided, nylon-coated cables allow full flexibility while reducing tangles and knots. Includes three different sized, ergonomically-designed in-ear cushions to ensure the perfect fit for prolonged use. Best of all, dBs is available in your choice of 5 different color combinations.


Revolutionary proprietary high-response driver technology delivers ultimate clarity and intelligently enhances bass - giving you that extra BUMP when you need it.

Full Range Reproduction

Extra large, high-efficiency drivers provide an exceptional audio experience while eliminating the distortion found at peak volume levels.

Superior Noise Suppression

Ergonomically-designed, in-ear cushions block out external noise pollution and provide an unparalleled audio experience while staying put.

Tangle Free Nylon Design

Nylon-coated lines allow full flexibility while reducing tangles and knots.

Extreme Performance Cable

Provides crystal clear sound and zero-loss audio reproduction while eliminating electronic interference.

Sturdy-Lightweight Construction

Advanced engineering ensures durability and comfort for prolonged daily use.


Speaker :
10 mm
Impedance :
32 Ohms 15% at 1kHZ 1volt
Sensitivity :
98dB3dB at 1KHz 1mW
Frequency Response :
20Hz ~ 20KHz
Speaker Power :
Default 1mW, maximum 5mW
Weight :
15 g (with cord)
Cable Length :
120 cm
£6.55 (£5.46 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
Replacement 110 punchdown blade for SurePunch PDT - Paladin part no. 4572
In Stock
This 110 punchdown blade is a replacement blade suitable for use only with Paladin SurePunch punchdown tools.
£16.01 (£13.34 ex VAT)