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Evercool 60mm 6cm 60 x 60 x 20 3 Pin 12 Volt PC case Fan (H)
-83 In Stock
Fan Description VDC Current
Fan Speed AirFlow (Max) CFM Pressure
Fan Depth Fan Size Life/Hours
6020H 12 0.17  2.04  4000  17.6 0.11  <26  20mm  60x60mm  40000 

Cable Length = Approx 24cm (Fan edge to end of connector), No Screws.
£3.29 (£2.74 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
RF aerial coupler socket to socket
In Stock
These allow two RF aerial cables fitted with plugs to be coupled together
£1.58 (£1.32 ex VAT)
ZalmanCNPS11X Extreme, V-Shaped Dual Heat Sink CPU Cooler
0 In Stock
The CNPS11X Extreme features a V-shaped Nickel plated heatsink that is designed in such a way that it minimises air resistance by not having the fan in close proximity to the heatsink. This allows the heatsink to receive maximum airflow from the fan. There are also five U-shaped heatpipes that attach the base of the cooler to the heatsink which transfer heat quickly away from the CPU to the fins where they are cooled by a 120mm blue LED fan. The installed 120mm fan is PWM controlled which means that the RPM of the fan will change depending on the temperature of the CPU. This provides peace of mind in that if the CPU becomes hot, the fan speed will increase to maximise cooling. Of course this also works in reverse. As the CPU becomes cooler the fan speed will decrease, making your PC quieter. The fan features two modes which are Low Noise Mode and Performance Mode. Performance mode provides the full RPM range of the fan, from 1000 to 1950 RPM. This mode is only really needed if maximum performance and lower CPU temperatures are required. Low Noise mode is for those who require a quieter life. The maximum RPM of the fan is capped at 1450 which means it will never go above 24dBA. To activate Low Noise mode just connect the supplied PWM resistor (RC24P) in between the fan and the motherboard and for Performance mode just omit the resistor.

V-Shaped Dual Heatsink Design
Excellent Performance
Extremely Quiet from only 17 dBA
Supplied with High Performance ZM-STG2 Thermal Paste
Slick Black Pearl Nickel Coated Finish with 120mm Blue LED Fan
Socket LGA1366, LGA1155/6, LGA775, AM3, AM2+, AM2 Compatible

Dimensions 135(L) x 80(W) x 154(H)mm
Weight 600g
Materials Pure Copper and Aluminium
Dissipation Area 7600 cm2
Heatpipes 5
Fan Ultra Quiet 120mm Blue LED PWM Fan
Bearing-Type Long Life Bearing
Fan RPM Low Noise Mode (with RC24P) 1000 to 1450 rpm
Performance Mode (without RC24P) 1000 to 1950 rpm ±10%
Noise Levels Low Noise Mode (with RC24P) 17 to 24 dBA
Performance Mode (without RC24P) 17 to 33 dBA ±10%
Warranty 24 months

Full Details
£44.29 (£36.91 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
USB 2.0 A-B Printer Cable (1.5m)
0 In Stock

USB cables provide transfer rates up to 480Mbps depending on USB version Compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0.

Fully compatible with all USB devices

£2.39 (£1.99 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
10 / 100 Network PCI Lan RTL8139D
In Stock

Pluscom RTL8139D features the award wining RealTek 8139D Chipset for high-throughput and low CPU overhead. Featuring 10/100 autosensing in both Full and Half Duplex control together with a full Plug n Play 32-bit PCI bus for the most popular Operating Systems. Compatible with Windows, XP, Vista, Linux and many others.

£4.09 (£3.41 ex VAT)
CiT MX-A08 Black Micro ATX Chassis Black Interior 500W PSU USB3 Cable Management
CiT MX-A08 Black Micro ATX Chassis Black Interior 500W PSU USB3 Cable Management
£25.74 (£21.45 ex VAT)
SCSI III 68 way microD male (clasp) to  68 way microD male (screw) 0.9m
In Stock
These are made using double shielded, twisted pair cable and are fully UL approved. They are used to connect card to device or device to device and come in many connector combinations to suit all needs
£15.94 (£13.28 ex VAT)
SHL 10 Litre (10000ml) High Quality Pure Xylene
In Stock

Xylene is a clear, colourless and highly volatile mixture of xylene isomers with a characteristic sweet odour.


It is widely used as a degreasing agent, solvent and thinner for paints and varnishes as well as solvent in combination with other organic compounds in glues and printing inks. It is used as a process chemical in the rubber, adhesives and leather industries, in the formulation of pesticides, as an intermediate in the manufacture of certain polymers, in petroleum distillation, and in histology laboratories.

Click Here for Wikipedia entry

Click Here for MSDS

£24.54 (£20.45 ex VAT)
Powercool 45cm 8-pin male to 8-pin female EPS 8-Pin Extension Braided Cable Black
Powercool 45cm 8-pin male to 8-pin female EPS 8-Pin Extension Braided Cable Black
£3.74 (£3.12 ex VAT)