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Evercool Armour ATX HDD Cool box HD-AR
83 In Stock
• Convert the dual 5.25” Drive Bays into a three 3.5” H.D.D.
• Inside removable filters are easy to clear as well as effectively filter the dust keep the case clean. 
• Aseismatic design preserves the hard disc from damage. 
• 8 cm Fan included for optimum cooling.

Overall Dimension: 150 x 85 x 162 mm
Fan Size: 80 x 80 x 25 mm
Heat Sink Material:  Metal + Plastics
Bearing Type: Two Ball Bearing
Rated Speed: 1200 ±10% RPM 
Noise Level:  < 26 dBA
Rated Voltage: DC 12 V
Weight: 585.5 g
£19.54 (£16.28 ex VAT)
In Win G7 Black Midi Tower Gaming Case USB3 Toolless
In Win G7 Black Midi Tower Gaming Case USB3 Toolless
£54.60 (£45.50 ex VAT)
Antec A.M.P Pulse Orange Bluetooth Headphones V3.0 dBs1TM Driver Technology
Antec A.M.P Pulse Orange Bluetooth Headphones V3.0 dBs1TM Driver Technology
£56.16 (£46.80 ex VAT)
UTP category 5e patch 5.0m GREEN
In Stock
UTP category 5e patch 5.0m GREEN
£2.51 (£2.09 ex VAT)
RJ45 double adapter - 3 x RJ45 sockets
In Stock
These allow three UTP or ISDN cables to be coupled. They will allow two computers to share one connection point, but with only one computer in operation at a time
£2.78 (£2.32 ex VAT)
Paladin SurePunch Pro PDT with 110 and  66 blades & light - Paladin part no. 3587
In Stock
This professional impact punchdown tool handle is supplied with both 110 & 66 reversible clip-in (twist & lock) blades for both punch & cut or punchdown only operations. This tool is designed to terminate all cable types with a single punch including 23 AWG Cat6 and its advanced spring mechanism requires less hand force to actuate the punchdown. This tool has a rubber-embedded cushioned handle with finger grips for comfort and adjustable high/low spring compression and so is suitable for use with all cable types. The impact force is 37.5lbs (167N) on the high setting and 27.5lbs (122N) on the low setting. The detachable light supplied with these tools focuses light on the panel work area. The light is fitted with a long-life LED (luminous intensity 2200 mcd) which will last approx. 1 million hours. A complete assortment of other clip-in twist & lock blades are available for use with this punchdown tool handle. This tool also includes a retracting and locking spudger, hook & pick. The spudger is used to clean debris from the panel (this can also be used as a screwdriver or IDC contact insertion tool). The hook is used to feed wires through holes and the pick separates bonded twisted pair cable or strips and cuts wires. There is also a blade storage area in the end of the tool with a comfortable latch cover.
£71.74 (£59.78 ex VAT)
AeroCool Shark 140mm Black Fan
183 In Stock
AeroCool's Shark Series of fans offer a Shark Fin blade design to generate high air pressure and high air flow. Not only that are are lots of blades, 15 in all. A normal fan has around 6-8 blades! The fans are standard 3-pin fans but adaptors are supplied with 3-pin to 4-pin molex connectors to increase compatibility. The fans are also supplied with a 7 volt resistor so the maximum RPM can be reduced by around 40% which will reduce the noise the fan produces as well as airflow.

Dimensions 140 X 140 X 25mm
Rated Voltage 12V or 7V with VRC *
Starting Voltage <=6.0V or <=6.0V with VRC
Power Consumption 4.3W or 1.8W with VRC
Rated Current 0.36A or 0.15A with VRC
Speed 1500 or 800 RPM±10% with VRC
Air Flow 96.5 or 50.0 CMF with VRC
Air Pressure 1.07 or 0.31 mm-H2O with VRC
Noise 29.6 or 14.5 dBA with VRC
MTBF 100,000 hours
Accessories Voltage Reduction Cable, Rubber and metal fan screws and 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter
Warranty 24 months
£7.02 (£5.85 ex VAT)
CiT USB Keyboard & Mouse Combo Black Retail
2113 In Stock

Keyboard Specifications
Interface: USB
Dimensions: 437.0mm x 137.0mm x 17mm (L x W x H)
Number of Keys: 104 Keys
Keyboard Weight: 400±20g
Key Pitch: 19.0 mm
Colour: Full Black
Cable Length: 1500mm
Compatible With: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7
Key Switch Life (Test conditions: Full travel 150g force): 5 Million life cycle times Minimum
MTBF (Mean time between failure) in life test 8 million life cycles
Working Voltage: 4.5 V to 5.5V
Working Current: 35mA
Operation Temperature Range: 0~60°C, 0~ 95% RH
Storage Temperature Range: -20~60°C, 0~90% RH

Mouse Specifications
Interface: USB
Sensor Reading Speed: 2300 times/s
LED Light Colour on mouse Wheel: Red
Resolution: 800 DPI
Sensor Tracking Speed: 14 inch/s
Plug and Play, no drivers needed
Optical Sensor
800 CPI
Ergonomic, anti-strain-injury design
Button Life: 3 million clicks
Coder Life: 1 million times
Working Temperature range: -10+40°C
Working Temperature range: 20% -90%
Compatible With: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Left/Right Button Force: 70±10gf
Middle Button Force: 100±20gf
Coder Twisting Force: 20±10gf
Material: ABS
Weight: 91±10g
Connector: USB 1.1
Power: 5V DC from USB

£5.46 (£4.55 ex VAT)
Slimline gender changer DB15 male to male
In Stock
This adapter is used to change the gender of an appropriate port or cable from female to male
£1.77 (£1.48 ex VAT)