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Aerocool Silent Master 20cm Quad Blue LED Sleeve Bearing Fan 18dBA
0 In Stock

200mm fan with large fans blades for more air flow and reduced noise
Aerodynamic fan blade design
3-Pin to 4-Pin Connector
Quad Blue LEDs
Sleeve Bearing
Includes 4 x fan screws

Dimensions : 200mm x 200mm x 20mm
Rate Voltage : 12V
Starting Voltage : <= 9V (Power ON/OFF)
Power Consumption : 3.0W
Rated Current : 0.25A
Speed : 800±200 R.P.M.
Maximum Airflow : 76.0 CFM
Air Pressure : 0.36.MM-H2O
Noise : 18.0 dBA
Bearing : Sleeve

£7.88 (£6.57 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
Acousti AcoustiPack BLOCKS Acoustic Foam Blocks
16 In Stock

The new AcoustiPack™ EXTRA Foam Blocks pack contains three acoustic foam blocks. These can be used inside any vacant drive bays to help increase the absorption of unwanted sound energy. Once installed, the foam blocks also help to reduce the internal air volume inside your PC or server case, which in turn may improve airflow velocity and cooling performance.

The blocks are made from profession-grade dense acoustic foam, which is certified to UL94-HF1 fire rating. The foam is especially effective at absorbing sound at higher-frequency, such as HDD whine, or high-pitch noise from motherboard components. The foam is black, and flexible enough to squeeze into empty 5¼" or 3½" drive bays to pressure-fit.

  1. Additional foam blocks help to increase surface area inside a case
  2. Pack contains a set of 3 noise-absorbing foam blocks
  3. Two blocks suitable for empty optical 5.25 drive bays
  4. One block suitable for an empty HDD or FDD drive bay
£14.60 (£12.17 ex VAT)
Evercool Spider Filter Red Blade 92mm Fan & Filter
20 In Stock
The distinctive Spider Web Patterned filter reduces dust on the fan and in the case.
Maintains high airflow through the filter
Exclusive Spider Filter design by EVERCOOL (Patent pending).
Super Silent and long life 3 pin/wire fan
Includes standard 3 pin fan to 4 pin MOLEX passthrough connector.

DC Fan Size : 92x92x25 mm
Rated Voltage : 12 V
Bearing Type : Ever Lubricate bearing type (Long life bearing)
Power Consumption : 1.8 W
Speed : 2200 RPM
Max Air flow :
41 CFM
Noise : <22 dBA

£6.99 (£5.83 ex VAT)
CiT 550W Black Edition PSU 12cm Dual 12v CE PFC Model 550UB
91 In Stock

New Version Ver. 2.2
Cooling: 12cm Silent Fan
Silent and Better Ventilation
ATX 12V Compliant for all Types of CPU and Mainboard
Dual 12v Rails
CE & PFC Approved

Dimensions: 150mm x 85mm x 158mm (W x H x D)
Input Voltage: 230 VAC
Input Current: 5A
Input Frequency Range: 50-60Hz
Power Good Signal: 150-450 ms
Hold Up Time: 1ms-40ms
Efficiency: 75%
MTBF: 100,000 Hours
Protection: OVP / UVP/ OPP
Power: 550W
Operation Temperature: 45°C
Safety: CE / ROHS
Cooling: 12cm Fan
Noise: < 17 dBA

£24.96 (£20.80 ex VAT)
Multi-headed serial link cable (null modem) 5.0m
In Stock
These cables are used to connect two computers together for both data transfer and two computer game play via their serial ports. If data transfer is to be the only use then parallel link cables are much faster
£4.66 (£3.88 ex VAT)
Thermaltake Pacific G1/4 Female to Female 30mm extender  Black/DIY LCS/Fitting
Thermaltake Pacific G1/4 Female to Female 30mm extender Black/DIY LCS/Fitting
£6.27 (£5.23 ex VAT)
DVI digital dual link male to male 5.0m
In Stock
This DVI-D cable allows monitors, displays and projectors fitted with either a DVI-D or DVI-I port to be connected to a DVI graphics card, KVM switch, line extender or similar device.
£16.40 (£13.67 ex VAT)
16 Port Switch with Metal Case
In Stock
This switch is a high performance network switch and is ideal for small home or office networks, or for segmenting larger networks into smaller to improved the network performance. The switch supports full and half-duplex operation which doubles the network bandwidth and allows the simultaneous transmission and reception of frames without causing collisions. Diagnostic LEDs on the front panel show the operating status of both the switch and the individual ports. All of its ports are capable of 10/100Mbps auto-negotiation, providing the easiest, most hassle-free way to integrate older 10Base-T network devices.
£20.49 (£17.08 ex VAT)
2 way manual DB15 switchbox
In Stock
This is used to switch between one PC and two game port / MIDI devices or two PCs and one game port / MIDI device
£6.04 (£5.03 ex VAT)