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Gigabyte Aire M77 Wireless Optical Mouse 800/1600 DPI Macro Adjustable
Gigabyte Aire M77 Wireless Optical Mouse 800/1600 DPI Macro Adjustable
£10.53 (£8.78 ex VAT)
Generic Case Fan 14cm Blue LED 3 Pin Connector + Screws
Generic Case Fan 14cm Blue LED 3 Pin Connector + Screws
£2.73 (£2.28 ex VAT)
Active LVD SCSI terminator 68 way microD male
In Stock
These are used to terminate external LVD SCSI chains and are designed for use on devices fittes with HP DB68 connectors. They are rated for tranfer rates of up to 320MB per second.
£25.61 (£21.34 ex VAT)
ACE 400W Grey PSU 12cm Fan SATA 24-Pin Model 400W
493 In Stock

New Version 1.3 / Ver. 2.03
Cooling: 12cm Fan
Silent and Better Ventilation
ATX 12V Compliant for all Types of CPU and Mainboard
CE Approved
Input Voltage: 115Vac or 230Vac or 115Vac / 230Vac
2 x SATA Connectors
3 x Molex Connectors
20+4 Pin Motherboard Connector

Dimensions: 150mm x 85mm x 140mm (W x H x D)
Input Voltage: 230 VAC
Input Current: 10A
Input Frequency Range: 50-60Hz
Power Good Signal: 150-450 ms
Hold Up Time: 1ms-40ms
Efficiency: 75%
MTBF: 100,000 Hours
Protection: OVP / UVP/OPP
Power: 400W
Operation Temperature: 45°C
Safety: CE / ROHS
Cooling: 12cm Fan
Noise: < 17 dBA

£12.48 (£10.40 ex VAT)
DB25 male to RJ 11/12/45 female modular adapter
In Stock
These adapters are used to run RS232 data over long distances (up to 100m) using either flat 4,6 or 8 core cable or UTP Cat 5e cable to bridge the gap. They are used in pairs and have selectable pin assignment to enable them to be used for a variety of purposes
£3.36 (£2.80 ex VAT)
Arctic Cooling 65g MX-2 Thermal Compound
-99 In Stock

For high demanding applications – new large 65 gram package of MX-2
MX-2 is a high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance compound for components that require optimum thermal dissipation. It is ideally suited for use in CPU, GPU cooling and other applications between power semiconductor components and heat sinks where thermal conductivity is the major factor.

Main Features:

  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • Non-Electrical Conductive
  • Non-Capacitive
  • Non-Corrosive
  • No Curing
  • No Bleeding

Safe to apply anywhere
Since the MX-2 does not contain any metal particles, there are no problems regarding electrical conductivity or capacitance. Unlike other silver and copper compounds, MX-2 ensures that contact to electrical circuits, pins and leads cannot result in any damage.

With MX-2 no curing and no bleeding of the compound are possible. In contrast to other products, this compound does not show decreasing performance over time, does not need to be reapplied and has a durability of at least 8 years.


£21.99 (£18.33 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
2 way manual KVM switchbox AT
In Stock
This is used to switch between on PC and two monitors, AT keyboards and AT serial mice or two PCs and one monitor, AT keyboard and AT serial mouse
£5.66 (£4.72 ex VAT)
High quality RF aerial plug to plug 10.0m WHITE
In Stock
These high spec. RF fly leads are designed for use with surround sound and high definition TV systems. They are white with gold plated connectors and use RG59U double screened cable to maximize signal transmission and minimize external interference
£5.09 (£4.24 ex VAT)
FSP 250W TFX PSU 80+ Peak 300W Output (H)FSP250-60GHT
191 In Stock

Efficiency: 80%
PFC: Active
Low ripple & noise
Resettable power shut down
100% burn-in test
MTBF: 100K hours at 25°C

Dimensions:  175mm x 85mm x 70mm (W x H x D)
Input Voltage:  90-264 VAC
Input Current:  55A
Input Frequency Range:   60/50Hz
PFC: Active PFC 
Efficiency:  80%
MTBF:  100,000 Hours at 25°C
Protection:  OVP / OCP / SCP
Power:  250W
Operation Temperature:  Ambient Temperature 0°C~50°C
Safety:  CB / FCC
Cooling:  8cm Internal Noise Killer Fan
Noise:   80 Plus Certified:  Yes - 80 Plus

£25.74 (£21.45 ex VAT)