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Evercool 60mm 6cm 60 x 60 x 10 3 Pin 5 Volt PC case Fan (H)
-28 In Stock
Fan Description VDC Current
Fan Speed AirFlow (Max) CFM Pressure
Fan Depth Fan Size Life/Hours
6010H 5 0.22 2.4 4400  17.70 2.83 <33 10mm  60x60mm  50000 

Cable Length = Approx 24cm (Fan edge to end of connector), No Screws.
£3.49 (£2.91 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
Thermaltake E-Sports Theron Laser Gaming Mouse 8 Button 5600DPI Macro Green
Thermaltake E-Sports Theron Laser Gaming Mouse 8 Button 5600DPI Macro Green
£42.29 (£35.24 ex VAT)
Evercool SB-M PCI System Cooler
-30 In Stock
• Exhaust hot air from inside the case
• High air flow, high static pressure 
• Especially designed blades
• Easy installation, takes up only one PCI or ISA slot 

Overall Dimension: 120 x 87 x 11mm
Base Material : PBT
Bearing Type : SA/CA/BA/ELA
Speed : 4000±10% RPM
Noise Level : <27 dBA
Max Air flow :
12 CFM
Rated Voltage : 12 V
Weight : 65.5 g
£3.90 (£3.25 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
Premium digital audio Toslink to Toslink 1.0m
In Stock
These fibre optic cables are used for connecting digital audio devices
£9.93 (£8.28 ex VAT)
AeroCool Shark 120mm Devil Red LED Fan
0 In Stock
AeroCool's Shark Series of fans offer a Shark Fin blade design to generate high air pressure and high air flow. Not only that are are lots of blades, 15 in all. A normal fan has around 6-8 blades! The fans are standard 3-pin fans but adaptors are supplied with 3-pin to 4-pin molex connectors to increase compatibility. The fans are also supplied with a 7 volt resistor so the maximum RPM can be reduced by around 40% which will reduce the noise the fan produces as well as airflow.

Dimensions 120 X 120 X 25mm
Rated Voltage 12V or 7V with VRC *
Starting Voltage <=9.0V or <=7.0V with VRC
Power Consumption 3.6W or 1.56W with VRC
Rated Current 0.30A or 0.13A with VRC
Speed 1500 or 800 RPM±10% with VRC
Air Flow 82.6 or 32.5 CMF with VRC
Air Pressure 1.273 or 0.305 mm-H2O with VRC
Noise 26.5 or 12.6 dBA with VRC
Weight 117.9
MTBF 100,000 hours
Accessories Voltage Reduction Cable, Rubber and metal fan screws and 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter
£6.63 (£5.53 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
Evercool 60mm 6cm metal fan finger grill guard
200 In Stock
Fan grills / finger guard for 60mm Fans
Tough alloy construction

£0.68 (£0.57 ex VAT)
AeroCool X-Vision 5-Channel LCD Fan Controller
0 In Stock
The AeroCool X-Vision 5-Channel LCD Fan Controller controls up to five fans and displays temperature readings making this unit great for controlling your cooling needs. The display shows RPM and temperature readings for each channel and has overheating alarm warnings as well. The LCD screen back light can be toggled on and off to make visibility easier when needed. All this is packed into this single 5.25 bay device making it a great solution for multiple fan control.
£31.98 (£26.65 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
100 x Antistatic Metallic Shielding bag 8 x 10 inch (21.5 x 25.5 cm) - SHL8x10
In Stock

Inner Dimensions: 20.5 x 25.5 cm
Outter Dimensions: 21.5 x 25.5 cm

Metal-in Static Shielding Bags are approved by major computer, electronics, and disk drive manufacturers for use worldwide. Our transparent, metallized static shield bag structure provides a static safe environment for sensitive electronic devices. Provides low charge retention and rapid static decay.


Item Unit Standard Parameters  Ref.standard
Error of width & Length MM ≤100: ±2mm   101-400: ±4mm     >400: ±6mm GB/96-04-10
Error of thickness UM ≤100: ±10%     101-400: ±10%       >400: ±10% GB/96-04-10

Funtion Parameters:
Item Unit Standard Parameters  Ref.standard
Surface resistance Ω 10(8) - 10(11) GB/96-04-10
Static dissipative time SEC <0.03 GB/96-04-10
Shielding function V <15 GB/96-04-10
Elongation at Break N/15MM ≥35% GB/96-04-10
Water Vapour Transmission g/m²*24 ≤0.5 GB/96-04-10
Peel Strength N ≥1.5N GB/96-04-10
Heat sealing strength N/15MM ≥20N GB/96-04-10
Puncture resistance N >10N GB/96-04-10

£10.99 (£9.16 ex VAT)
Thermaltake Urban T81 Tower Chassis Dual Swing Doors Fully Modular USB3 x 2
Thermaltake Urban T81 Tower Chassis Dual Swing Doors Fully Modular USB3 x 2
£166.81 (£139.01 ex VAT)