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Aerocool Air Force 12CM Red LED Fan FDB Air Circulator 13 Blade 52.65CFM
155 In Stock
- Innovative anti-shock Fluid Dynamic Bearing delivers longer life span.
- Energy-efficient designed fins to reduce air turbulence.
- All cables are black sleeved.
- 3-pin > 4-pin converter cable included.
- Air Circulator directs airflow for intense cooling.
- Removable Air Circulator for easy cleaning.
- Dual usages: with or without Air Circulator.

Fan Size 120 mm
Speed 1200 RPM
Noise 22.5 dB
Airflow 41.4 cfm
Pressure 1.32 mmH2O
Mean time between failures (MTBF) 20000 hour
AMPS 0.17 A
Watts 2.04 W
Voltage 12 V
Height 120 mm
Width 120 mm
Depth 25 mm
£5.73 (£4.77 ex VAT)
Evercool 80mm 8cm 80 x 80 x 25 2 Pin 5 Volt PC case Fan (M)
42 In Stock

Fan Type VDC Current
Fan Speed AirFlow (Max) CFM Pressure
Fan Depth Life/Hours
8025M 5 0.18 0.9 2500 32.4 2.48 <28 25mm 40000

Cable Length = Approx 40cm (Fan edge to end of connector), No Screws.

This is a 2 wire/ 2 pin (black/red)
£3.99 (£3.33 ex VAT)
Left handed SATA 150/300 data cable 0.5m
457 In Stock
These cables allow SATA devices to connect to the SATA controller at speeds of up to 300MB/s
£2.01 (£1.68 ex VAT)
CiT MS-002GWB 1600DPI 2.4GHz Wireless Black Gaming Mouse 7 Programmable Buttons
-42 In Stock

2.4G digital wireless communication- available within 9m and with high anti-disturbance capability
Precision optical sensor; works smoothly on many surfaces.
With wheel scrolling technique, scrolling up and down at will
Defined convenient button design, offers more practical function
Smart power indicating lamp
1250/1500/1750dpi, transfer among the three DPI settings
Plug and Play

Resolution (DPI) : 1250/1500/1750 DPI
Button press force : 70±10g
Button travel : 0.8mm±0.2mm
Button life : 5 million strokes
Dimensions : 128mm x 77mm x 44mm
Net Weight : 92.2g (exclude batteries)
Batteries : 2 x AAA Batteries
Working Distance : 9M
Material : ABS
Frequency : 2.401G-2.483.G

£5.12 (£4.26 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
Antec Pro 80mm Clear Case Double Ball Bearing Fan 3-Pin + 4-Pin Connector
0 In Stock


Case fans help protect your whole computer investment by providing case cooling to reduce component-killing heat buildup, thus increasing the longevity of components.

Key Features

  • Ball Bearing design
  • Volumetric Airflow 34 CFM
  • Fan Speed 2,600 rpm
  • Acoustic Noise 30 dBA
  • Package Dimensions: 1.5"(L) x 7.2"(W) x 8.7"(H)
  • 3.81cm(L) x 18.29cm(W) x 22.10cm(H)
  • Package Weight: 0.3 lbs/0.14 kgs
£4.95 (£4.12 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
Acousti AcoustiPads Speaker Decoupling Anti-Vibration Pads
96 In Stock
The Acoustic Speaker Pads allow you to isolate your studio speakers from the surface on which they stand for a tighter and more accurate sound by helping to eliminate unwanted buzzing and resonance on a hard surface.

By reducing resonance, these speaker pads give you a much clearer picture of what is happening in your mix. You will notice the low frequencies are more even, the stereo image more clearly defined and an overall increase in detail across the frequency spectrum.

Each pack contains 4 Speaker Pads and 4 pre-cut levelling wedge adjusters so you can either have the speakers sat horizontally or adjust the angle of the speakers (upwards or downwards) and have them pointing directly towards your ears for the best possible listening experience.


  1. De-couple your Studio Monitors from any surface
  2. Helps prevent unwanted buzzing and resonance
  3. Each pad includes a levelling wedge adjuster which in standard position will provide a level surface
  4. Can be adjusted to have monitors tilting forwards or backwards
  5. High load bearing foam material

The Speaker Pads can be used to support other studio equipment that would benefit from isolation from your workstation surface.

Related Products

We also offer a further range of noise reduction products to help lower noise in your studio.

AcoustiFeet can be used around the studio, under mixers, smaller studio monitors, various control surfaces, non-rack mounted outboard equipment, drum machines, keyboards and synthesizers in fact almost anywhere.

AcoustiPack Multi-Layer noise reduction material can be used to line the inside of your DAW to help lower noise leakage from the inside of the case.

The Wavestation.

If you are looking for a new quiet DAW the please take a look at our latest incarnation of the Serenity Wavestation Pro which offers a quieter way to edit and process your music making it perfect for studio use and as such, it is ideal for both home musicians and professionals working in a studio environment where quietness is important.

Specifications AcoustiPads
Product Code AP-PADS
Colour Graphite Grey
Overall Dimensions 100 x 300 x 50 (W x D x H)
Weight 395g
Warranty 24 months
£25.00 (£20.83 ex VAT)
USB 2.0 bus powered Aluminium 2.5 inch IDE HDD storage enclosure
In Stock
This unit is totally bus powered allows a 9.5mm high 2.5 inch laptop or notebook HDD to be used as additional storage on computers via the USB port. The USB cable supplied with these units connects the enclosure to a single USB socket on the laptop or PC and is designed to provide sufficient power to enable the unit to be powered totally from the single USB port. Drivers for this unit are supplied on CD.
£18.04 (£15.03 ex VAT)
DB25 male to male 10.0m
In Stock
These cables have all 25 lines connected 1:1. Their main use is to connect the parallel port to a DB25 switch box
£10.24 (£8.53 ex VAT)
CiT Templar Micro Black Interior USB3 Port No PSU
CiT Templar Micro Black Interior USB3 Port No PSU
£26.19 (£21.83 ex VAT)