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Aerocool Shark 14cm Quad Green LED Fan 15 Blade Fluid Dynamic Bearing 14.5dBA
8 In Stock
AeroCool's Shark Series of fans offer a Shark Fin blade design to generate high air pressure and high air flow. Not only that are are lots of blades, 15 in all. A normal fan has around 6-8 blades! The fans are standard 3-pin fans but adaptors are supplied with 3-pin to 4-pin molex connectors to increase compatibility. The fans are also supplied with a 7 volt resistor so the maximum RPM can be reduced by around 40% which will reduce the noise the fan produces as well as airflow.

Dimensions 140 X 140 X 25mm
Rated Voltage 12V or 7V with VRC *
Starting Voltage <=6.0V or <=6.0V with VRC
Power Consumption 4.3W or 1.8W with VRC
Rated Current 0.36A or 0.15A with VRC
Speed 1500 or 800 RPM±10% with VRC
Air Flow 96.5 or 50.0 CMF with VRC
Air Pressure 1.07 or 0.31 mm-H2O with VRC
Noise 29.6 or 14.5 dBA with VRC
MTBF 100,000 hours
Accessories Voltage Reduction Cable, Rubber and metal fan screws and 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter
Warranty 24 months
£6.13 (£5.11 ex VAT)
Thermaltake Pacific G1/4 Female to Female 10mm extender  Chrome/DIY LCS/Fitting
Thermaltake Pacific G1/4 Female to Female 10mm extender Chrome/DIY LCS/Fitting
£4.99 (£4.16 ex VAT)
UTP category 6 patch 5.0m GREEN
In Stock

UTP category 6 patch 5.0m GREY

£6.40 (£5.33 ex VAT)
Aerocool X-Predator X1 Black Gaming Case Black Interior 12cm Orange LED Fan
47 In Stock

Aerocool Introduces The XPredator X1

For those who have dreamed of owning an XPredator case but never end up getting one due to its sheer chassis size, now here is the good news: Aerocool has introduced the new XPredator X1.

Dimensions of the Different Cases (H x W x D)

The original XPredators - 600mm x 234mm x 555mm
The XPredator X3 - 527mm x 223mm x 533mm
The XPredator X1 - 482mm x 190mm x 475mm

The XPredator X1 is a standard midi case that comes in four colors which are Black Edition, Evil Black Edition, Devil Red Edition and White Edition. While the chassis is generally smaller and thinner than the X3 and the original XPredators, it is surprisingly capable of supporting long high-end graphic cards up to 400mm. It also has a fan controller knob on the top panel that can support up to 25W.

Both X1 and X3 are designed to look "within the family" - the scale-like ventilation on the top panel can be opened and closed for better air flow regulation - its distinct feature that can be seen in all XPredators.

Key Features

  • Solidly constructed chassis interior (0.5mm SPCC).
  • Supports CPU cooler max. height up to 158mm.
  • Supports Long VGA Cards up to 400mm.
  • Includes 1 x 12cm Orange fan at rear and 1 x 12cm Orange LED fan in front.
  • Top panel flaps can be opened or closed to control air flow more efficiently.
  • Dust filter for PSU.
  • Includes a fan controller knob controls fan/s up to 25W.
  • 6 x 5 1/4” < 3 1/2” convertor brackets (Multi-Purpose Adaptors to install fans, HDDs and floppy/card rader) – can be used as fan adaptor, can install 3.5” HDDs and 2.5” HDDs and can be used to install floppy or card reader.
  • Cable Routing Management (pre-drilled holes on the MB plate).
  • Pre-drilled CPU holes for easy mounting and removable of CPU cooler.
  • 2 x USB3.0 or 2 x USB2.0 and Audio/Mic ports are easily accessible from top panel.

Case Specifications

Form Factor: Midi Tower
Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro ATX
PSU Support: Standard ATX
Gaming Case: Yes
Water Cooling Ready: Yes
Dimensions: 190mm x 482mm x 475mm (W x H x D)
Packaging Dimensions: 249mm x 540mm x 537mm (W x H x D)
Body Material: SPCC 0.5mm
Front Bezel Material: Mesh
Side Panel: Vented
External Bays: 3 x 5.25” External
Internal Bays: 6 x 3.5” Internal
6 x 2.5” Internal
Drive Bay Notes: 6x 3.5"/2.5" compatible
Expansion Slots: 7 x Full Size
Cooling Front: Can install 1~3 12cm fans - (w/Fan adaptor) (1 x 12cm Orange LED fan included)
Cooling Top: 2 x 12cm fans (Optional)
Cooling Rear: 1 x 12cm Orange fan (included)
Cooling Side: 2 x 12 or 14cm fans (Optional)
Cooling Bottom: 1 x 12cm fan (Optional), inner front can install 1~3 12cm fans (w/Fan adaptor) (Optional)
IO Ports: 2 x USB 3.0
1 x AC'97 Audio
1 x Microphone
Front Bezel Colour: Black
Body Colour: Black
System Cabinet Features: Includes 1 x Fan Controller
PSU Included: No
Net Weight (KGs): 4.98 KGs
£39.00 (£32.50 ex VAT)
Thermaltake E-Sports Isurus Pro Gaming headset with Detachable Microphone
Thermaltake E-Sports Isurus Pro Gaming headset with Detachable Microphone
£28.08 (£23.40 ex VAT)
Zaward Twin Towers Fanless Northbridge Heatsink
12 In Stock
Just like processors, Northbridge chipsets are getting faster and more feature-rich. The downside to this is that the heat output of the Northbridge also increases. Zaward have now released a rather odd-looking but very effective product to deal with the issue: the Dual Towers! As you can see, the Dual Towers is like no other Northbridge cooler currently available. The towers stand nearly 66mm tall but only weigh 120g which means there will be no problem if your motherboard is oriented vertically. Although it may look like a complicated product it works just like any other cooler that uses heatpipes. Both heatpipes contact the base of the cooler but what is special about this design is that the second tower is offset from the of the base. It can rotate 360 which means that it can be moved around the central tower to avoid any possible compatibility issues that may arise. What's more, the cooler is 100% fanless and therefore makes no noise. Installation of the Twin Towers is straightforward. It connects to motherboards that use either push-pin holes or hooks to mounting the stock Northbridge cooler.
  • Duo high conductive heatpipes operates with high density heat-dissipating area to boost cooling performance
  • Patent twin owers rotary heatsinks to adjust direction according to the motherboard
  • High tower design avoids interface to CPU cooler
  • Universal clip design, both hook and screw types, Compatible with all mainstream motherbaords and easy to install.
  • Zero DBA, Rapid heat dissipating only by natural convection in chasis.
  • Innovative soldering free process, environmentally friendly

Compatiblilty All Motherboards
Product Dimension L x W x H = 80 x 37 x 117mm
Material Copper base / Aluminium Fins
Heatpipe Copper r8mm x 1pcs
Copper r5mm x 1pcs
Weight 120g
Noise Level 0dBA

£6.99 (£5.83 ex VAT)
Twin LVD 320 cable with terminator 0.675m
In Stock
These cables allow LVD SCSI devices to connect to the controller and run at a maximum speed of 320Mbps
£35.14 (£29.28 ex VAT)
Premium digital audio Toslink to Toslink 1.0m
In Stock
These fibre optic cables are used for connecting digital audio devices
£9.93 (£8.28 ex VAT)
Arctic Cooling Arctic 120 x 25 mm F12 PWM Fan
-451 In Stock


Dimensions 120 L x 120 W x 25 H mm
Rated Fan Speed 300 - 1350RPM (controlled by PWM)
Air Flow 57 CFM / 96.8 m3/h
Noise Level 0.5 Sone (approx 25 dBA)
Weight 108 g
Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Warranty 72 months
£3.99 (£3.33 ex VAT)
Out of Stock