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Codegen 4U Rail Kit for 600mm Rack Mount Cases
165 In Stock
The Codegen 4U Rail Kit is compatible with the Codegen 4U Rack Mount 600mm Deep Case
£27.30 (£22.75 ex VAT)
HDMI coupler (female to female) swivel type
In Stock
This HDMI coupler is used to join two HDMI cables together. It has gold 19 pin type A HDMI connectors on each side and a flexible joint to allow for better positioning.

This adapter has 19 pin type A female HDMI connectors on each side, conforms to HDMI 1.3b specifications and supports transmission rates of up to 10.2Gbits per second at 1080p / 1080i.

£8.19 (£6.83 ex VAT)
DB25 male to female 3.0m
In Stock
These cables have all 25 lines connected 1:1. Their main uses are to extend any cable with DB25 fittings and to connect DB25 serial ports to DB25 serial devices
£4.10 (£3.42 ex VAT)
UK telephone plug to UK telephone plug (1:1) 5.0m
In Stock
UK telephone plug to UK telephone plug (1:1) 5.0m
£3.44 (£2.87 ex VAT)
USB 2.0 6 in 1 card reader / writer
In Stock
This unit allows Secure Digital & Multimedia cards, Memory stick, Smartmedia, Compact Flash I & II and IBM Microdrive cards to be both read and edited by the computer via the USB port and is supplied with a separate connection cable. This product is USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant.This item has discontinued and has been reduced to clear the stock.
£4.00 (£3.33 ex VAT)
High quality SVGA male to male 5.0m
In Stock
These cables are manufactured using high quality double screened triple Coax cable for better data integrity and are suitable for running all resolutions. They will connect a computer to a monitor or projector.These cables are SXGA (also known as XGA) compliant and are currently BLACK in colour.
£9.25 (£7.71 ex VAT)
4 way manual SVGA switchbox
In Stock
This is used to switch between one PC and four monitors or four PCs and one monitor
£5.66 (£4.72 ex VAT)
RG59 RCA plug to RCA plug 50m - WHITE identifier band
In Stock
Hand built in the UK using LSZH URM 70 stranded RG59 cable and high quality Neutrik phono plugs with metal barrels and gold plated connectors these cables are designed for high quality audio and video transmission of the type used by high definition TVs,
£47.89 (£39.91 ex VAT)
Evercool 120mm 12cm 120 x 120 x 25 5 Volt PC case Fan (L)
90 In Stock
Evercool's Long life, low noise and efficient fans are now available retail packaged including fitting screws, Evercool have provided OEM fan solutions to well known computer hardware companies for many years and have now started producing their Retail fans for end users. Evercool's own long life bearing ensure durability and quiet operation on these fans.
• Long life bearing
• Low noise & high airflow
• Low pollution(ROHS compliant)
• Screws x 4
Fan Type VDC Fan Speed Noise

Fan Depth Fan Size Life/Hours
12025L 5 1800 <34 25mm  120x120mm  40000

For illustration purposes only

Cable Length = Approx 24cm (Fan edge to end of connector)



£5.00 (£4.17 ex VAT)

5-19: £3.75

20+: £3.13