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Lint Free Cloth (28cm x 38cm) 50 Sheets
In Stock
Pre Cut in 280mm x 380mm sheets
Perfect for cleaning thermal compound from CPU & GPU's
Shiny Hardware Lint free cloth is made from the highest specification, non-woven hydro-entangled material. It is aimed directly at the toughest and most demanding jobs. This water-entanglement or spunlaced process eliminates the use of chemical binders in the material avoiding the release of fibres and lint which is normally caused by the chemical binder being dissolved by liquids or solvents. 
  • Spun Laced fabric - the hydro-entanglement process locks the fibres together naturally
  • No chemical binders - (which strong solvents break down and release fibres in many other wipes)
  • Solvent resistant- much more resistant to strong solvents as there is no binder to break down
  • Apertured surface -the matrix of apertures efficiently entrap residue particles (e.g. carbon, cordite etc)
  • An impeccable track record - so well proven in many demanding industries where normal cloths or wipes simply do not measure up to the more demanding requirements.
Main benefits
Highly absorbent - cope with the dirtiest jobs
Does not leave fibres behind - always clean wiping
Excellent at entrapping dirt or residue in its apertured surface
Quality is 100% consistent - always clean – (no risk of foreign bodies, zips or buttons to cause scratching etc.)
Does not break down in strong solvents, harsh liquids, fuels etc.
Highly resistant to abrasion and scuffing
Excellent at polishing and buffing
£8.00 (£6.67 ex VAT)
Reeven Kelveros RC-1202 High Performance Quiet CPU Cooler
8 In Stock
Uses two 8mm and two 6mm U shaped heatpipes for superior cooling
Equipped with a quiet REEVEN Coldwing 120mm PWM Fan
Cutting edge fin design for optimised air flow through the heatsink
Advanced heatpipe clearance layout for the maximum heat transfer
Compatible with Intel LGA2011/1366/1155/1156/775 and AMD FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2

Model Number:  RC-1202
Dimensions (including fan):  160 x 130 x 79mm (H x W x D)
Installation Method:  Intel and AMD, motherboard removal required
                                      compatibility Intel LGA2011/1366/1155/1156/775 and AMD FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2
Heatsink Material:  Aluminium (60 fins) and copper heatpipes
Heatsink Clearance:  37 mm
Fan Dimension:  120 x 120  x 25mm
Fan Speed Low Setting:  650 - 1300 rpm ±10%
Fan Speed High Setting:  650 - 1900 rpm ±10%
Airflow Low Setting:  35 - 69 CFM
Airflow High Setting:  35 - 101 CFM
Noise Low Setting:  9.4 - 25.7 dBA
Noise High Setting:  9.4 - 34.7 dBA
Fan Type:  4-pin PWM
Weight:  935g

£35.99 (£29.99 ex VAT)
Coollaboratory Liquid Metal Pad kit 3 x CPU 1 x Clean Kit
20 In Stock
Pack contains 3 x CPU MetalPad 38mm x 38mm and 1 x Cleaning Kit

The "Liquid Coollaboratory MetalPad" is the first metallic thermal pad, which, with only a slight warming (BurnIn) melts and thus produces an optimum heat transfer. It consists of 100% metal alloy, thus enabling a superior heat transfer with minimal effort for installation and a possible subsequent removal.
 A simple, clean and quick installation make it the ultimate heat conducting liquid MetalPad for high-end PCs. The Liquid MetalPad can at all on the Kühlermarkt contained materials such as aluminum or copper are used. It does not age and does not need to be changed regularly. The Coollaboratory Liquid MetalPad is RoHS compliant and completely non-toxic.

Full details
£10.99 (£9.16 ex VAT)
Antec H2O Kuhler  650 Water Cooling Kit PWM Fan RGB LED Temperature Sensor
317 In Stock

Next Generation Maximum Performance Liquid CPU Cooling System

The Antec KÜHLER H2O 650 delivers high-performance liquid cooling for your CPU in a quick, easy-to-install package. Unlike traditional liquid cooling systems, this self-contained unit comes prefilled and requires no maintenance. The extra large pump circulates coolant through optimized water channels, while easy-bend flexible tubing allows the KÜHLER H2O 650 to be installed in nearly any orientation.

In addition to easy installation, a powerful PWM fan pushes air through directional blades and channels it through the radiator for optimal cooling. Included in the box is an air duct that reduces static pressure which in turn, allows air to flow out of the case efficiently. Lastly, integrated firmware automatically adjusts fan speed and changes the RGB LED based on temperature. Engineered for maximum performance, the Antec KÜHLER H2O 650 delivers liquid cooling performance at an air cooling price.

Key Features

  • Quick Installation
  • Quieter Operation
  • Competitive Price
  • Superior Performance
  • Large pump
  • Easy-Bend Tubing
  • Zero Maintenance
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • “Elite” Status

Key Benefits

  • Air cooling simplicity
  • Less noise with better cooling
  • Air cooling pricing
  • Liquid cooling > Air cooling
  • For minor over clocking
  • Position tubes with ease
  • No leaks, no mess, no hassles
  • Peace of mind
  • Liquid cooling bragging rights with stylish appearance


  • Tool-Free All in One Bracket Kit: Quick & Easy Installation
  • Easy-bend tubing
  • Integrated PWM fan
  • Advance Micro-Channel Cold-Plate Design

Quiet Computing™

  • Replaces large air CPU cooler with silent pump
  • Exhaust fan is voltage controlled, minimizing noise
  • Low Noise Level: 22 - 45dBA Max

Quick Installation

  • Tool-Free All in One Bracket Kit: Quick & Easy Installation
  • Can be implemented without extensive training
  • Easy-bend tubing gives flexibility in radiator positioning

High Performance

  • 20% better cooling compared with stock air coolers
  • Enables “casual” overclocking
  • The Latest Cooling Technology With Large Pump: More Powerful

Competitive Price

  • Gamers can adopt with relatively little financial impact


Fan Speed :
600 – 2400 RPM
Radiator Dimensions :
159 mm x 120 mm x 27 mm
Fan Dimensions (2 total) :
120 mm x 25 mm
Cold Plate + Pump Height :
26 mm
Tubing Length :
300 mm
Cooling Liquid :
Safe, environmentally-friendly, anti-corrosive
Net Weight :
1.0 kg
CPU Socket Compatibility :
Intel LGA 775, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011
AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2
£39.00 (£32.50 ex VAT)
Paladin SurePunch Pro PDT with 110 and  66 blades & light - Paladin part no. 3587
In Stock
This professional impact punchdown tool handle is supplied with both 110 & 66 reversible clip-in (twist & lock) blades for both punch & cut or punchdown only operations. This tool is designed to terminate all cable types with a single punch including 23 AWG Cat6 and its advanced spring mechanism requires less hand force to actuate the punchdown. This tool has a rubber-embedded cushioned handle with finger grips for comfort and adjustable high/low spring compression and so is suitable for use with all cable types. The impact force is 37.5lbs (167N) on the high setting and 27.5lbs (122N) on the low setting. The detachable light supplied with these tools focuses light on the panel work area. The light is fitted with a long-life LED (luminous intensity 2200 mcd) which will last approx. 1 million hours. A complete assortment of other clip-in twist & lock blades are available for use with this punchdown tool handle. This tool also includes a retracting and locking spudger, hook & pick. The spudger is used to clean debris from the panel (this can also be used as a screwdriver or IDC contact insertion tool). The hook is used to feed wires through holes and the pick separates bonded twisted pair cable or strips and cuts wires. There is also a blade storage area in the end of the tool with a comfortable latch cover.
£71.74 (£59.78 ex VAT)
Active LVD SCSI terminator 68 way microD male
In Stock
These are used to terminate external LVD SCSI chains and are designed for use on devices fittes with HP DB68 connectors. They are rated for tranfer rates of up to 320MB per second.
£25.61 (£21.34 ex VAT)
Dynaflo Liquid Armour LA100S Convenience Kit Box - Pack of 25
-1 In Stock

LIQUID-ARMOR a remarkable Nano coating technology that shines and protects your portable device screen like nothing else! One simple application of LIQUID-ARMOR with unique anti-static and weather- resistant formula will repel dust and stains for up to 6 months!

Provides scratch-resistant surface for normal wear and tear.
Screen protection up to 2x stronger than traditional screen protection film.
Preserves touch screen sensitivity sharpness and vividness of screen display.
Anti-Static / High Gloss
Water spill-resistant
Smooth, dirt repellent surface.
Best to protect any glasses of Smartphone, Tablet PC, LCD/LED (Camera, Laptop, TV) Screen without size boundary.
LIQUID ARMOR Disposable Pack x 25

£34.07 (£28.39 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
Seasonic P860 860W 80+ Platinum Certified PSU Full Modular Jap Caps DBB Fan
Seasonic P860 860W 80+ Platinum Certified PSU Full Modular Jap Caps DBB Fan
£180.96 (£150.80 ex VAT)
Evercool 120mm 12cm metal fan finger grill guard
-20 In Stock

Metal fan grill for 120mm fans

£1.49 (£1.24 ex VAT)
Out of Stock