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USB 2.0 type A to type B 3.0m BLACK
In Stock
These cables will connect USB ports on a computer or hub to USB devices that do not have integral leads. They are fully USB 2.0 compliant and made using UL2725 cable with 2 cores of AWG24 and 1 pair of AWG28. They will work with all USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 cards and devices.
£2.34 (£1.95 ex VAT)
Italian telephone adapter
In Stock
This adapter will allow a telephone/modem fitted with a RJ11 plug and a telephone/modem fitted with an Italian plug to connect to a single Italian telephone wallsocket. NB: For equipment fitted with UK telephone plugs please also purchase product code 80.299. This is one of three types of connector used in Italy, the others being an old Italian connector (not now found in common use) and RJ11.Other countries which use the Italian telephone plug include:EthiopiaSan MarinoSudan
£8.85 (£7.38 ex VAT)
DB25 male to female 5.0m
In Stock
These cables have all 25 lines connected 1:1. Their main uses are to extend any cable with DB25 fittings and to connect DB25 serial ports to DB25 serial devices
£7.16 (£5.97 ex VAT)
CiT Imp Micro Black Interior USB3 Port No PSU
CiT Imp Micro Black Interior USB3 Port No PSU
£13.26 (£11.05 ex VAT)
Antec A.M.P SP0 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker V3.0 White
Antec A.M.P SP0 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker V3.0 White
£21.84 (£18.20 ex VAT)
DB25 male to male 1.8m
In Stock
These cables have all 25 lines connected 1:1. Their main use is to connect the parallel port to a DB25 switch box
£2.85 (£2.38 ex VAT)
UTP category 6 patch 3.0m YELLOW
In Stock

UTP category 6 patch 3.0m YELLOW

£4.56 (£3.80 ex VAT)
Lint Free Cloth (28cm x 38cm) 100 Sheets
In Stock
Pre Cut in 280mm x 380 sheets
Perfect for cleaning thermal compound from CPU & GPU's
Shiny Hardware Lint free cloth is made from the highest specification, non-woven hydro-entangled material. It is aimed directly at the toughest and most demanding jobs. This water-entanglement or spunlaced process eliminates the use of chemical binders in the material avoiding the release of fibres and lint which is normally caused by the chemical binder being dissolved by liquids or solvents. 
  • Spun Laced fabric - the hydro-entanglement process locks the fibres together naturally
  • No chemical binders - (which strong solvents break down and release fibres in many other wipes)
  • Solvent resistant- much more resistant to strong solvents as there is no binder to break down
  • Apertured surface -the matrix of apertures efficiently entrap residue particles (e.g. carbon, cordite etc)
  • An impeccable track record - so well proven in many demanding industries where normal cloths or wipes simply do not measure up to the more demanding requirements.
Main benefits
Highly absorbent - cope with the dirtiest jobs
Does not leave fibres behind - always clean wiping
Excellent at entrapping dirt or residue in its apertured surface
Quality is 100% consistent - always clean – (no risk of foreign bodies, zips or buttons to cause scratching etc.)
Does not break down in strong solvents, harsh liquids, fuels etc.
Highly resistant to abrasion and scuffing
Excellent at polishing and buffing
£15.00 (£12.50 ex VAT)

5-10: £13.99

10+: £12.99

RG59 RCA plug to RCA plug 30m - YELLOW identifier band
In Stock
Hand built in the UK using LSZH URM 70 stranded RG59 cable and high quality Neutrik phono plugs with metal barrels and gold plated connectors these cables are designed for high quality video and audio transmission of the type used by high definition TVs,
£29.88 (£24.90 ex VAT)