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Thermaltake Soprano Midi Gaming Case Brushed Aluminium Fascia 2 x USB3 20cm Fan
Thermaltake Soprano Midi Gaming Case Brushed Aluminium Fascia 2 x USB3 20cm Fan
£92.04 (£76.70 ex VAT)
Aerocool Strike-X Xtreme Black Gaming Case USB3 18cm Front Red LED Fan Toolless
0 In Stock

Stylish “X” Concept design and high performance case.
Supports Long VGA Card up to 293mm.
Install up to 5 fans including large 18cm fan – Superb Airflow.
Includes USB3.0 internal connectors x 2 + Audio (HD) + Mic.
Includes 1 x 12cm Black fan (back), 1 x 18cm LED fan (front) and 1 x 14cm LED fan (top).
All Black interior for the Black version.
Includes Dust Filter for PSU.
Includes 4 sets of ODD screw-less kit.
Includes 5 units of HDD trays - Supports 5 units of 3.5” or 2.5” or SSD drives.
w/ Cable routing management and rubber grommet protection.
w/ Pre-drilled CPU holes for easy mounting and removable of CPU cooler.
Pre-drilled water-cooling holes with rubber protection.
Colour box packaging.

Form Factor:  Midi Tower
Motherboard Support:  ATX, Micro ATX
PSU Support:  Standard ATX
Gaming Case:  Yes
Water Cooling Ready:  Yes
Dimensions:  210mm x 530mm x 520mm (W x H x D)
Packaging Dimensions:  259mm x 553mm x 560mm (W x H x D)
Body Material:  0.7mm SECC
Front Bezel Material:  ABS Plastic / Metal Mesh
Side Panel:  Vented X-Design
External Bays:  4 x 5.25” External
Internal Bays:  6 x 3.5” Internal
6 x 2.5” Internal
Drive Bay Notes:  The 6 x 3.5" and 2.5" Drives are shared, allowing a total of up to 6 3.5" or 2.5" drives
Expansion Slots:  7 x Full Size
Cooling Front:  2 x 12 or 1 x 18cm fan (1 x 18cm Red fan included )
Cooling Top:  2 x 12 or 2 x 14cm fans (1 x 14cm Red fan included )
Cooling Rear:  1 x 12cm fan (1 x 12cm Black fan included )
Cooling Side:  None
Cooling Bottom:  Vented Area Underneath PSU Position for Increased Air Flow
IO Ports:  2 x USB 3.0
1 x HD Audio
1 x Microphone
Front Bezel Colour:  Black/Red
Body Colour:  Black
System Cabinet Features: Max length space available for PCI slots: 293mm
Height limit for CPU coolers (Without side fan): 172mm
The biggest size for M/B: 305mm x 256mm
The biggest size for VGA card: 293mm x 149mm

£43.68 (£36.40 ex VAT)
Out of Stock
SHL 2.5 Litre (2500ml) High Quality pure Methyl IsoButyl Ketone, MIBK
In Stock

Methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) is a colorless liquid with an odor similar to mothballs. MIBK is also known as 4-methyl-2-pentanone, hexone and isopropylacetone. While it is usually in liquid form, MIBK can change into a gas. MIBK will dissolve in water, alcohols, benzenes and ethers.

Where is MIBK found and how is it used?
MIBK occurs naturally in oranges, grapes and vinegar. MIBK is used as a solvent in factories that produce paints, rubber products, chemicals and machinery. As a solvent, it is used in pesticide application. Pharmaceutical companies that produce prescription drugs also use MIBK. MIBK strengthens and preserves flavors and fragrances. Consumer products containing MIBK include aerosol paints, coatings used in construction, and automobile and machinery paints and primers.
MIBK is used in home products like hard surface cleaners, dyes and tints, laundry starches, paints and varnish products. MIBK is also used in insecticides that control garden insects, greases and oil used as lubricants, automotive chemicals, pet flea and tick products, shoe polish, wood office furniture, and clear finishes, undercoats and primers.

Click Here for Wikipedia entry

Click Here for MSDS

£14.85 (£12.38 ex VAT)
2 way automatic USB 2.0 switch
In Stock
This is used to switch between two PCs and one USB device or chain of devices. These switches are USB 2.0 compliant and are compatible with all USB 1.0, 1.1 and USB 2.0 devices. They can be switched manually or by hotkey
£25.61 (£21.34 ex VAT)
High quality RF aerial plug to socket 10.0m BLACK
In Stock
These high spec. RF fly leads are designed for use with surround sound and high definition TV systems. They are black with gold plated connectors and use RG59U double screened cable to maximize signal transmission and minimize external interference
£5.09 (£4.24 ex VAT)
Twin phono cable 1.5m
In Stock
Twin phono plugs to twin phono plugs for left and right audio.
£1.83 (£1.53 ex VAT)
CiT 2206 Black Midi Case No PSU
444 In Stock
Form Factor: Midi Tower
Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
PSU Support: Standard ATX
Gaming Case: No
Water Cooling Ready: No
Dimensions: 180mm x 424mm x 428mm (W x H x D)
Packaging Dimensions: 225mm x 475mm x 465mm (W x H x D)
Body Material: 0.5mm SGCC
Front Bezel Material: Plastic
Side Panel: Vented
External Bays: 3 x 5.25” External
1 x 3.5” External
Internal Bays: 7 x 3.5” Internal
Drive Bay Notes: 1 Extra 5.25" Internal Bay
Expansion Slots: 7 x Full Size
Cooling Front: None
Cooling Top: None
Cooling Rear: Space for 1 x 8cm Fan (Not Included)
Cooling Side: Space for 1 x 8cm Fan (Not Included)
Cooling Bottom: None
IO Ports: 2 x USB 2.0
1 x HD Audio (Also Supports AC'97)
1 x Microphone
Front Bezel Colour: Black
Body Colour: Black  
PSU Included: No
Net Weight (KGs): 3.1 KGs
£14.04 (£11.70 ex VAT)
UTP category 5e stranded cable priced per metre ORANGE
In Stock
This is used for the manufacture of patch and crossover cables
£0.82 (£0.68 ex VAT)
Fractal Design SILENT SERIES R2 50MM 5cm case fan
In Stock
These fans have been specifically developed to deliver significant airflow while maintaining low noise levels. Silent Series R2 fans are available in sizes from 40mm up to 140mm.
All new Silent Series R2 fans are equipped with high performance hydraulic bearings, increasing both fan performance and reliability. Each fan 60mm and larger is packaged with both 4 metal screws and 4 rubber screws to ensure maximum fan-mounting options. Using the rubber screws allows mechanical decoupling from the case itself, reducing vibrations and decreasing the noise level (40 and 50mm feature metal mounting screws only).
The cable on each Silent Series R2 fan is fully sleeved for effortless cable routing and enhanced aesthetics.


Speed:3500 +/- 10%
Cable length:400 +/- 10mm
Number of blade:7
Starting voltage:< 9
Max. airflow:7,638cfm
Max. pressure:1,738mm-H2O
Noise level:20db

£5.99 (£4.99 ex VAT)